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Blues At Maple Leafs Live Blog

Hey, the Leafs blow!

By Brad Lee

And we're up and running. It looks like Erik Johnson is dressed tonight. Strickland had reported that EJ would sit. Nice work.

19:04 Tkachuk with Kariya and Backes. Interesting. And they just told the story about Legace's pads not arriving from Atlanta until today.

18:42 Holy Shit. Salvador with the goal. "It looks like it changed direction," Federko said. And Tkachuk may have touched it with a high stick.

"The war room is here in Toronto, so it should be easy for them to find it," Federko said. Because they hand deliver all the replays? They use carrier pigeon?

And I'm shocked that's a goal. That looked like a high stick to me. 1-0 Blues. And the picture is very telling, the Leafs blow.

17:10 Glad to see some of the regulars checking in with the comments. If you're just passing through, leave a comment.

And Jackman almost seemed to try throwing the puck in his own end off a Leafs centering pass. Fortunately it was right to Legace.

16:38 Â "You have to take the crowd out of the game early in this building," Federko said. Bull and shit. The Leafs fans are polite Canadians who sit on their hands watching the game.

By the way, Vesa Toskala is in net for the Leafs. How many Sharks goaltenders are in the league? Nabokov, Toskala, Kipper. Who else?

14:52 Stempniak, McDonald and Boyes together. Hmmm. Interesting. And the Blues have only one shot on goal so far. But still lead 1-0.

Scratch that. Tkachuk scores again (he got credit on the first one)! So the Blues have two shots and lead 2-0. CRAZY.

And I fully expect a heart-felt apology from commenter Chris D for his comments about Keith Tkachuk. Unless another insult will help him score a hat trick. In that case, rip away.

12:52 Blues getting the power play and I think they have three shots now. Damn you Wagner ruining their record-setting shooting percentage.

12:16 Power play almost looks respectable (they just hit the post and Toskala had a great save). And Chris D has an interesting theory.

Chris D Says:

yeah this is why walt needs days off off which is why the blues need to bring a kid up so they can give him some nights offÂ
Maybe something to that. He's got a lot of miles on those legs.

7:43 Blues have a hell of a time clearing the puck with Wagner and Jackman out there. Jason Blake got the puck in front and skated forever before roofing the puck over a sprawled Legace. That sucked ass. 2-1 Blues.

Gift Says:

Another minus for Jackman.Â
Nice catch. You think he can hit -30? That's like HOF status for monumentally bad +/-. I think I looked it up and the worst rating in recent seasons was like a minus-35.

5:47 Legace with the save. The puck kind of came free and the Leaves poked at it.

Rich Horton Says:

Leafs radio crew thinks thats a goal.

And so were two on that roadtrip last week. No way they'll even review it.

5:35 Mayers breathed on Mats Sundin and will go to the box. They called it tripping. And they've allowed 10 power play goals in their last eight games. Awesome.

4:13 Leafs are just teeing off on a sprawled Legace. One shot hit the crossbar and looked like it was going in.

1:55 Blues just trying to get to the intermission with the lead after the buzzing by the Leafs late in the period.

AND THAT'S THE END OF THE FIRST PERIOD. 2-1 Blues. Pretty good start to the second half of the season.

I have a question for all you commenter types in the second period thread which will be up in less than 2 minutes, I promise.