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Blues At Leafs Second Period

We like this guy even though he's a Habs fanÂ

By Brad Lee

"This is our country..."

God, I've hated that commercial the 1.25 million times I've heard it.

You never know what you'll find when you do an image search for Leafs Suck.

Question for the first intermission: Chris D is not a Ryan Johnson fan. In the first period comments he argued that the Blues should not re-sign the speedy but scoring-challenged forward. He makes less than $1 million per and probably hasn't earned much of a raise. He's low risk because you know what you're going to get...but you know exactly what you're going to get from him. Should the Blues re-sign Ryan Johnson?

19:13 For a guy with cancer, Jason Blake is skating hard. Just blew a breakaway.

18:47 Icing. If no one is going to comment this period, I'm just going to start posting random shit.

16:49 Darcy Tucker sucks. Just hit the side of the net standing all alone on the post. What a tool. I hate that guy and I don't even know why.

Blues just iced it. And Murray called a timeout to rest the troops on the ice. Interesting use of his one TO.

16:02 D.J. King just got the puck past Toskala, but a Leafs defender as able to sweep it out of the crease. Damn, that was close. And Matt Walker for some reason is kind of smiling.

Blues getting a power play apparently.

14:20 And the Blues in an attempt to kill off their own power play allowed an odd-man rush and some pressure in their end causing Eric Brewer's name to be cursed across St. Louis as he drew the penalty.

As Kelly noted, Blues haven't won since Jan. 10.

13:55 Stempniak with two glorious scoring chances.

Personally, I am rooting for a Brad Boyes goal. It will drive the Leafs fans CRAZY. Check out some of the comments at Battle of Ontario if you get bored. They're dreading a goal from the former Leaf prospect.

And I'm not saying I'm a borying live blogger. I meant during commercials and the intermission and such.

11:02 The game is getting a little chippy. Anyone hoping for a rare King Kong sighting?

Pagan Says:

Doesn’t scoring the teams only two goals thus far this game make No. 7 exempt from beign called Tkchoke tonight?Â
For the record, the more Chris D rips on Tkachuk, the better he plays. We've proven it scieentifically and everything.

9:05 I'm confused. There was a LATE whistle, the puck was loose and Backes scored? I have elost all sense of reality.

3-1 Blues. And David Freaking Backes needs to have more than seven goals on the year. I know he only came up in December last year and he's young and blah, blah, blah. He needs to score more.

8:13 Blues penalty. And anyone who talks about how great the fans are in Canada, there's a caged monkey right by the FSN microphone. Someone find a taser.

David Perron is 19. And 19 year olds will do dumb things like put his stick on the camera in the penalty box.

Salvador may be hurt, Kelly says.

5:49 Blues kill the penalty off. Feeling pretty comfortable about this one right now. That can't be good.

4:49 Stajan with the goal for the Leafs. 3-2 game now.

Federko is trying to argue that Tucker was intentionally shooting the puck off the boards to get a good bounce for Satan. I mean Stajan. No, I think Tucker is just that bad.

gallagher Says:

Seriously, Backes is starting to look like he’s got leprosy or something. How many open sores does he need to have before someone schedules a mandatory check-up?Â
Tell that to Mrs. Lee next time you see her with her new No. 42 sweater. She's liable to open up a sore on your face.

1:12 McDonald barely missed a feed from hometown Boyes. Damn. That would have been sweet.

And for the second time in the game, I think the Blues would be happy just to make the intermission with the lead.


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