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Blues At Leafs Third Period

The Leafs have been bad for awhile.

By Brad Lee

Even though the Blues have been in the lead almost the entire game, it's still not a very comfortable game from a Blues fan's point of view. They keep letting the Leafs get back in this thing. And while they're playing pretty well overall, all it takes is just a couple mistakes to an inferior team to blow the game.

And no, I'm not trying to predict the future.

gallagher Says:

You can’t keep all four of McKee, Backman, Jackman, Brewer at a total cost of around $16 mil next year. Plus, what does Salvador want this summer? $2 mil? $3 mil? Johnson will hit bonuses to the tune of a couple mil, too. How much can you pay six defensemen?

Jackman brings the biggest return… can we stand to let him go? I have no idea.

At the very least you see what people are willing to pony up, especially if the Blues won’t give him $5-6 mil next year, which is what he’ll want. Or if he won’t give them the right to negotiate first.Â
Didn't want this comment to get lost at the end of the second. Thoughts on the boss' comment?

19:42 And we're back to action.

19:10 Anyone think these lines are going to stick until the next scoring drought?

"Fat Tuesdays." All you can eat Tuesdays for as low as $25. All the alcoholics are throwing their empties at the screeen. "It shoulda been BEER!"

17:50 $2 million a year for one dasher board sign. Holy. Shit. No wonder the fans are such douche bags when it comes to whining about how the team has sucked for so long. They should call the arena Fort Knox.

16:56 Blues struggling to clear the puck again with Wagner on the ice. Bad sign.

16:26 That took forever to get it out with the Blake line out there.

15:15 Apparently when Sundin holds the puck for WAY too long, the accepted defense is to flop on the ice and wave your stick in his general direction. Maybe they should rethink this strategy.

By the way, he has a really pointy head WHEN HE TAKES UP ONE THIRD OF MY TV SCREEN! DAMN YOU FSN!

13:10 I can't believe the Leafs have zero shots on net this period.

And Jamal Mayers has two shots on net himself this period.

12:03 What was Federko talking about with Boyes? I tuned him out while looking at Boyes' dad.

John Pohl is a Leaf. No wonder they suck.

8:56 My wife just told me over the phone that a consultant for her office offered her TODAY his tickets at Air Canada Centre anytime we want them. Talk about shitty timing.

8:01 Legace with the glove save...and a flourish. He didn't have a stick. That's an All-Star play right there. I hope he did play by play for himself.

6:41 Sundin missed on a wraparound, players hitting the deck left and right. Leafs turning up the pressure here. Could be prime for making a mistake with the defense caught up ice.


Rich Horton Says:

Is there a rule that says “No player named Sundin shall be checked at any time.”
As I was reading that, he got the puck crossing into the Blues zone, McKee gave him easily 10 feet of space and even backed off another step. It's like he has a force field around him or the fair catch halo in the NFL. Â

4:57 Salvador going to the box for two for holding/interference/not moving his feet/watersking behind a Leafs player. Some combo like that. BIG kill here.

4:44 Jackman turned the puck over behind his net but was able to clear the second time.

And Ryan Johnson is bleeding. Federko blames his helmet.

3:35 And now we know how dumb the Leafs are, taking a holding the stick penalty on the power play right out of a timeout. More. Ons.

1:10 Empty net for Toronto.

:48 Weak clear attempt from Mckee.

:29 Legace corraled the loose puck. Whistle blows. Puck in the net. Forceful pointing and waving by the referee. And on the replay, it looks like the puck was loose in front of Legace, but the ref was behind the net and didn't see it. Justice?

:18 Tkachuk with good clear.

AND THE BLUES WIN! Tkachuk is the player of the game. Great effort.

Wow. What a way to come out of the break. Now two important ones Friday and Saturday vs. Anaheim (Selanne and Co.) and then whoever they play Saturday. I'm too lazy to look it up.


Dear Commenters,

Thanks for once again turning out in force to spend time with the live blog. We have more and better comments than any live blog I've seen. It's awesome. We don't make a slim dime off the Web site. Sure we hope it drives traffic to the paper, but we're more interested in providing a place for crazy fans like ourselves to hang out, bullshit and make new Internet friends. Or something like that.

We'll have fresh stuff all week. And then the content may dry up around those two games this weekend. We'll need all the words we can muster to fill the paper twice in 24 hours.