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You Write The Comedy Wednesday

By Brad Lee

Well it's a brighter day here in St. Louis. The wind isn't blowing 1,345 mph. It's not snowing (yet) and the Blues had a nice 3-2 win on the road in Toronto las night.

They have a couple of days to rest before Anaheim comes calling Friday and Colorado Saturday. We don't have a lot to complain about. There's not a lot of turmoil this morning. So let's make fun of the losing team!

This is Darcy Tucker:


He's a dumbass with a bad haircut. He's got marginal talent and doesn't care about injuring fellow players. He's a whiner. Shockingly, he's never played on a line with Kris Draper in Detroit. Maybe some day Darcy. Here's a photo from last night. The guy pointing, looking like a douche bag is Darcy Tucker. Please provide a caption in the comments. You may even win a prize! You'll get the lol's and adulation from your Internet friends.