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I was soooo pwned by Brad I had to do one.

Raja Hey Timmy, did you see me out there tonight. I was Hot.

TJÂ Yea Raja I saw you. What were you doing out there, trying to make me look bad?

RajaDude, H-O-T

Tj I know I am but what are you?

Raja So do you want to do it or should we just fight?

Tj Oh let's fight, it will last longer

JDÂ Just remember TJ, we have rules about this in the NHL

SOme unknown UND coach We have rules about this in college too. It is a one game suspension and no Wii for 48 hours

Raja You are sooo busted Timmy!

On no! the coppers! What's all this then?

Still unknown NCAA hockey coach Nothing officer, we were just discussing the game

The same copper All the same, anyone who doesn't have a paying job, it's off to jail with ya!

J. Toews Thank god I signed!

JDÂ Wow this is one crowded elevator.