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Blues Playing On The Edge

No man, I love YOU.

By Brad Lee

The surprising 1-0 win Saturday night against Carolina gives the Blues points in four straight games, something this team needs to get in the habit of doing if they want to keep playing in late spring. It was a game with a small margin of error, something the Blues have been playing with recently.

The Blues have two home games this week and then just two more home games this month. They have two games against Columbus, here at home Tuesday and in the boring Buckeye state Friday sandwiched around a home game against Dallas Thursday. The two against Columbus are nearly must-wins with the Blue Jackets just one point behind St. Louis.

It seems like this team is on the verge, but of what, we're not sure. They've shown signs of collapsing and now they're showing signs of regrouping. They've scored the fewest goals in the league but allowed the fourth lowest. They're hovering right around the cutoff for the playoffs, so we could see this team going either way.

Game No. 40 isn't until Tuesday night, so we're not quite to the halfway point of the Blues' season, but we're close enough. What are your predictions for the rest of the season? Give us your future-looking views in the comments.