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Blues Vs. Predators Open Thread

Welcome to the NHL, Teeeeej.

By Brad Lee

Anybody getting any work done today?

Non-hockey fans sometimes say, "The season is starting already? Didn't they just stop playing a few weeks ago???" I hate these people. They deserve a stick jabbed right in their solar plexis. The Blues haven't played a game since April 6. Hillary Clinton was still a viable presidential candidate in April. The Cardinals started playing on April 1 and finished their entire schedule 12 days ago. It's been too long and I'm excited. Pumped even.

Fans of the Note have waited patiently through another playoff season spent rooting for teams they don't care about. They got pumped up for the drafting of dozens of teenagers most people have never heard of. They watched their team sit on the sidelines during free agency. This has felt like the longest offseason in the history of the St. Louis Blues. But it ends tonight.

Nashville is in town. They're a scrappy team. Here's the Yahoo! preview. If you're headed down tonight, remember our vendor locations: the vending HQ on the northeast corner of 14th and Clark, next to Kung Fu Bunny outside Metrolink, the entrance to the stadium parking garage, inside the garage and the 14th entrance next to where the homeless guys hang out near the old Kiel Opera House.

You may see a few of us milling around the vendors or in the councourse during intermissions. Don't be afraid to drop a prediction or two or some Fuck Detroit well wishes in the comments. This post will be open during the game for any poor souls stuck at home in such locations as scenic Central Illinois or Sweden. Yes, Sweden.

Let's Go Blues!