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Blues at Leafs- 2nd Period

By Chris Gift

Now that the Leafs TV talent has taught us how to win a faceoff during the intermission, let's get things going on the 2nd period- it can't be any worse than the first.

19:40- Ever watch a tennis match where the ball never goes on one side of the court? I think that's what I'm watching now.

19:27- I love Boyes from I love McDonald and I love Oshie.

18:50- McDonald has 5 helpers in 2+ games. Now playing the part of Adam Oates- Andy McDonald.

18:10- Not sure why the picture at the top of the thread disappeared- we're working on it. I'm blaming Marcus (he's the farthest away).

17:47- Granted we're all homers, but 5 and a misconduct is the correct call there. Pietrangelo probably thinks he's in Burma by now after that hit.

17:14- One goal is a must on the 5 minute power play, 2 would be nice, anything past that is just a bonus. Players like Ryan Hollweg are why the league will never lose its image of being full of thugs.

15:45- Berglund just pulled a Mayers- that should have been in the net.

15:13- That's more like it. Some are calling Berglund a darkhorse for the Calder.

14:48- Walt, from Kariya. Could the PP be the team's biggest strength?

13:34- Hollweg's suspension is like getting multiple speeding tickets for going 95 on the highway- how many times do you have to be told that you can't do it until you stop doing it? Three games is too few for crap like that.

12:11- Eight minutes in- fist TV timeout of the period.

12:01- Looks like we might have a decent little game here.

11:25- If Dooks is looking for the girl from the Dobbs commercials that he used to call Skeletor, look no further than Toskala's mask.

10:47- Jannsen is out there to do one thing- beat the hell out of somebody. Why is he touching the puck? Reminds me of when football teams have the punter try to run for a first down on a fake punt- that's not his job.

10:11- Pavel Kubina took about the most awkward interference penalty I've ever seen. He should have had figure skates on for that move.

9:20- The flow of the game since Hollweg's hit is exactly the reason that fighting is still in hockey. Had Jannsen not taken that crappy penalty he and one of Toronto's players would have settled things with their fists, instead of this Fruit Euro shit that's been going on for the past minute. It is too bad that somebody didn't go after Hollweg before he was thrown out of the game. None of this crappy stick work would have had to happen.

9:11- No, the Leafs do not visit St. Louis this year. Jamal Mayers Appreciation Night was the preseason game on October 1. He was a minus-3 that game.

8:15- If Jannsen would have scored there, I'd have liked my chances in Powerball on Wednesday night.

7:20- Good for Luke Schenn to wear a low number, right, TJ Oshie?

6:42- The Leaf play-by-play man just said the puck was "smuggled, juggled." I have no idea what that means.

6:00- Off the faceoff- put anybody in the league (except Cam Jannsen) in that spot with nobody in front of him, and they'll light the lamp too. Nice win on the faceoff by Mayers. Although he didn't "win" the faceoff cleanly, the Blues never controlled the puck- Jackman giving it away was all part of trying to gain initial possession.

4:28- Double minor to McDonald- this could get out of hand. In Emmanuel We Trust. Look at it this way, they can't score 3 goals on a double minor.

4:08- Mike Van Ryn- once traded for Mr. Candace Cameron. The call on McClement, the ref had to call, but that was one hell of an acting job by the Leaf player.

2:49- Every shift TJ Oshie takes, I like him more.

1:54- Good kill, and getting McClement back fresh on the 5 on 4 helps. Hopefully this is killed and they can catch McDonald streaking out of the box.

0:29- Pardon me while I stand and applaud.

0:00- If you'd have told me 4-3 at the end of the period when it started, I'd have taken it. Let's see how it ends up.