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Blues at Leafs- 3rd Period and Overtime


By Chris Gift

To answer Brad Lee's question, Niklas (no C required) Hagman scored the Leafs fourth goal.

Pucks were flying in the net fairly often in the 2nd period. I'll go over the 2nd period scoring real quick:

0:33- Boyes (3) from McDonald and Oshie (3-1 Toronto)

4:47- Berglund (1) from Perron and Wagner- Powerplay Goal (3-2 Toronto)

5:35- Tkachuk (4) from Kariya and McDonald- Powerplay Goal (3-3)

14:00- Hagman (1) from Mitchell and Mayers (4-3 Toronto)

I'm confused, if the faceoff was at 14:06, and the goal was right off the faceoff, how did Mayers "lose" the faceoff, but still get an assist?

19:04- Okay, here's one for you, we're 2 and 2/3 games into the season, but who is having the better rookie year, Oshie or Berglund?

18:57- If Mayers' eyebrows are extra bushy early in the fall, does that mean we're in for a colder winter?

17:49- Toronto puts together a nice little rush there and gets off two shots on goal at the end of a shift. I was expecting a dump-in and player change.

17:17- While the game has been fairly chippy, the officials are doing a decent job of calling the big stuff, but not turning this game into a special teams contest. Like in the NFL, there's a penalty on every play, you just have to pick and choose the flagrant ones.

15:35- Goal by Kariya 4-4. Great play by Berglund. These kids sure know how to play.

14:27- I have a feeling that it might take more than 5 to win. Very, very entertaining game. How there hasn't been a fight, I don't know.

12:48- Great shift by Oshie. He looks like he belongs at this level no matter where on the ice or what the situation is. In that shift alone he had the puck behind Legace, and Toskala and I had all the confidence in the world in him in both instances.

11:21- If missing the open net was the object of the game, the Leafs would be up by about six right now.

10:37- Antropov stones himself on a breakaway. Even Ears Toivonen could have saved that one. Great outlet "slap-pass" from Kubina, but he couldn't finish, burying the puck in Manny's leg pads.

9:36- Manny robs Dominic Moore. Those are two players who have impressed me today, Manny, and Dominic Moore.

8:40- Good play by McClement to take out two Leafs and free Backes to take control of the puck beind the Leaf goal.

7:20- Still tied, should the Blues be happy with the point and play for OT?

5:34- Looks like the bench has been shortened- no sign of the 4th line recently.

3:47- Good save by Manny on the shot from the boards.

3:08- The last two times in the Blues' zone, the Leafs have brought it up the left wing, and thrown it at the net with a cutter to the goal. Scouting, or coincidence?

1:58- Four times in a row, up the left side. Just one time, I'd like to be able to have a backhand like Kariya had on the 4th goal.

1:08- Good play by Brewer to grab a loose puck that might have ended up in a partial breakaway.

0:10- At 3-0 after 20 minutes if you'd have mentioned OT, I'd have taken it.


5:00- Here we go. Let's get the bonus point here, it would be a hell of a win.

3:16- This will probably be the only entire Leaf game I watch this year. Luke Schenn belongs. What a deep draft it was this year, and its good to see that the Blues didn't HAVE to draft Pietrangelo, that there were other choices.

2:22- I just heard about players TG Oshie and Pollock.

0:45.3- Great play by Schenn on Kariya. That was a must call on Kubina. 4 on 3 for 45 seconds.

0:23- Toskala stands on his head to rob Walt and save the game.


Okay, I'm not the biggest fan of the shootout, but I don't get a say in it, do I?

Toronto goes first.

Nik Antropov- Dekes to his forehand and shoots wide 0-0.

Andy McDonald goes upstairs (not quite roofing it) and scores 1-0 Blues.

Kulemin and Boyes both score with relative ease to make it 2-1 Blues.

Manny stones Kubina and the Blues WIN. 5-4.


Leafs TV gives the three stars to...

3. Tomas Kaberle (not in South Bend, Indiana)

2. Paul Kariya

1. Brad Boyes.

It was fun, now for a long homestand- seven games starting Thursday and going until November 1.