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Blues Vs. Stars Second Period

You know...for watching the Stars.

By Brad Lee

20:00 Clean ice, changed ends. No photo ready. Let's go!

17:03 Yan Stastny! Possibly a helper to DJ Dwayne King! First Fragile Jay, now Yan? Is the big blue rat scoring next? 3-1 Blues.

Assists to King and some guy named Mike Weaver. That might be the big blue rat's real name.

14:59 Stars almost scored. John Kelly thinks a review might be dangerous for St. Louis.

And I just realized that by sending the paper out to any yahoo, I've got as many proofreaders as I can handle. Apparently no review is coming. GREAT view from above where Legace used his stick at the line to deflect the puck...behind him.

Keith Tkachuk. All he does is score goals (five) and sit in the box (10 minutes).


Anyone who wants the electronic version of the paper, shoot me an e-mail.

13:00 And it wasn't even on Tkachuk. It was a bench minor for too many men. Why don't they just call that general cheating against the spirit of the game? On second thought, that's probably worth more than two minutes.

11:30 If Cam Jannsseenn scores tonight, I'm cashing in my life insurance and going to Vegas. Fair warning.

What the fuck. No one wants to dance with Avery tonight? What a let down.

8:38 Blues killing off a penalty. What it was for, I'm not sure. And now Dallas takes a penalty for holding. Brendan Fucking Morrow. He grabbed a kid. Chris Hansen would not be pleased.

7:10 "I really like what's happening with the Blues power play," Federko said. That's why they pay him the big bucks, folks.

7:12 A 5-3 is coming after Dallas commits slashing. A year ago, my next sentence would have been, "Can they decline?" Not this year.

7:00 I LOVE BOYES!!!!

4-1 Blues. Holy shit.

pdub Says:

I’m so happy right now.
Nice. And Fuck Detroit for good measure.

Kariya gets an assist on his birthday.

"It would be nice to see the second unit get a goal as well," Federko says. Don't get greedy, Bernard.

5:20 "The Kids" were buzzing around the net. No goal however. And now McClement is shooting at the net like a sniper. Must be something in the water bottles tonight.

3:50 Horrible no call after Kariy got tripped on a one on two break. Told you the refs would swallow some more.

"The red hot Boyes!" Or John Kelly might have said, "The red hot boys!" The love is flowing tonight, people.

2:40 I look down and the horn goes off. Steve Wagner apparently. Free DQ Blizzards for everyone!!!! Who is at the game!!!! Cheap fuckers.

And the nice shot of a pissed off Brett Hull in the press box.

2:04 And the Turrrrr-coooo chant begins again. Love that. Two home games, 10 goals scored by the Blues so far. Color me fucking shocked.


Well hellfire, this thing is getting out of hand. We have to see Avery get fucked up, right? Right?