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Blues Vs. Stars Third Period

Now don't you wish you had a ticket.

By Brad Lee

Welcome to the third period.

And Turco goes to the bench for young Tobias Stephan. Dad said to never trust a man with two first names. He has one, but it's his last name. Eh, rule probably still applies.

20:00 Nice mask. Unoriginal bastard.

17:47 Cam The Animal Janssen, two minutes for foaming at the mouth when he skated by Sean Avery. Only third power play for the Stars. I can live with that most nights.

15:00 Blues only allowed on shot on three power plays. Wow.

14:30 Kariya just put a big hit on Avery. Not quite what I was hoping for, but shows the attitude of this team right now. Smell that? It's the sweet, sweet aroma of hope.

10:46 DJ Dwayne King going to the dressing room in pain. He went for the hit and got mostly glass. Oops.

10:02 Ummm...the teams are skating up and down the ice. There's some...yelling. Seems like the Blues are happy to let the Stars just coast to the finish on this one.

And then Boyes just whistled one right by the net.

8:58 Fans are officially leaving. Happy. That's been kind of rare in recent years when the mood exiting early has more likely been "Moody" or "Suicidally depressed."

7:00 Brewer scores. Three defensemen light the lamp. 6-21.

And I'll be back to wrap it up after this...

Oops. Sorry about that score error.


So the Blues have played two home games. They've scored 11 goals. I'm sure that's a sustainable pace. Nothing to worry about.

We'll have a reactin piece up while the Western Hemisphere sleeps. We're like that around here these days.

Hope everyone who wanted a copy of tonight's Game Time. We'll probably do this every now and then when I try a live blog during a home game. Just remember, we're sold outside the Scottrade Center every game. Visit our vendors if you like what we do. And we thank you for your support.

Thanks for stopping by. What a start to the season.