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Blues Vs. Dead Things

Sure, Detroit is Hockeytown. More like Hockeyslum.

By Brad Lee

As you may have heard, there is a hockey game in St. Louis tonight with a certain team from a certain city that calls itself Hockeytown. We beg to differ.

Here's the preview at Yahoo! Sports. No live blog tonight. And we kind of suspect many folks are headed downtown looking for a fight or 10. Feel free to fill the comments all the way up. We'll have something probably really, really late wrapping up, but feel free to come here for after-game reactions and such.

Oh, and fuck Detroit.

UPDATE: Thanks for everyone who contributed in the comments and helped others learn how to do italics and stuff. And to our new commenters, thanks for joining the reindeer games. We didn't have anyone approving them during the game but you're approved now. So have at it. Especially you, Mr./Mrs./Ms. Fuck Detroit. Don't be a stranger.