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Palin Rumored Guest For Friday Night - UPDATED

Wow, Palin has let herself go...oh she's on the right. Of course.

By Brad Lee

UPDATE: It's official.

Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska and candidate for Vice President of the United States of America, will be the guest of the St. Louis Blues on Friday, Oct. 24, when she will drop a ceremonial pregame "first puck" prior to the Blues’ game vs. the Los Angeles Kings.

(end update)

There are now at least two media outlets reporting rumors that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) will be attending the beginning of the St. Louis Blues game Friday night vs. the Los Angeles Kings.

First of all, does she realize the Kings really suck? You'd think she'd want to attend the Wings-Blues game Wednesday night. If you're going to come all this way to St. Louis to drop a puck for a fake faceoff and take your daughters out on the ice to keep from getting booed, I would imagine you would at least make sure it's a decent game. No wonder people are questiong her qualifications for office.

Second, we don't care. There's enough crap in the world surrounding this election. Those of us who throw ourselves at hockey don't want to be bothered by stuff like this. We escape the election by going to a hockey game. This is kind of the opposite of that. Just because she drops a puck doesn't mean I'm going to vote for her. They should show Joe Biden dropping a chocolate covered doughnut on a sidewalk. Same effect.

Finally, politics aside, we'd rather see Tina Fey. Because Tina wouldn't be dumb enough to be associated with this:

Hey, nice dust rag.