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Need Tickets? Like Beer?

Not just a Cardinals hangout anymore.

By Brad Lee

Sometimes here at Game Time, we pause for a moment and actually try to provide a public service for Blues fans. This is one of those moments.

The folks down at Paddy O's bar (you know, the Cardinal hangout just south of Hwy 40 where baseball fans get drunk during the summer) have teamed up with the Ticket Guys and our friends over at for a unique kind of ticket/beer/food/parking/shuttle deal for mostly weekend games (like Friday and Saturday nights this week).

One price gets you:

  • Any level of ticket you'd want from upstairs with the majority of Game Time readers and a certain cowboy-hatted fan to club seats to next to the glass.

  • Pre-game buffet at Paddy O's.

  • Bottomless cup for two hours before the game and an hour after the final horn at Paddy O's.

  • Free parking.

  • Free shuttle.

Teeej.The other thing to think about stopping by is the KMOX post-game show. Chris Kerber and the gang are now broadcasting after weekend games at Paddy O's. And last weekend, they had TJ Oshie as a guest at the bar. Obviously not the first time the Teeej has been in a bar, according to police authorities in North Dakota. And in case you have a ticket, Paddy O's is offering a package that includes just the food, drinks and shuttle.

This ends your irregularly-scheduled public address announcement. We now return you to your regular posts concerning those fuckers from Detroit.