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Forget Yesterday; Panthers Tonight

By Sean Gallagher

Dude. He said to pull his finger, so I did, and when I did, you won't believe what happened.

Not to be superstitious, but we're not even going to mention the name of the person who may or may not have a curse following her around the NHL. In fact, we're just going to pretend like our starting goalie getting hurt coming onto the ice is not that weird of a circumstance.

We did, after all, already lose our stud defenseman to a fight with a miniaturized mode of transportation.

Instead, we're going to focus on the positive: Hmmm.

OK, we're just going to focus on the possibly-positive: at least the Panthers had to fly in last night after their game. The traditionally crappy Cats from So. Florida are excited to be in first place in their weak division... with the exact same record as the mini-slumping Blues.

Can our guys bounce back from their embarassing 'performance' of last night, or are the Panthers going to be the next team to remind us that the Blues just aren't as good as we thought? Only one way to find out: drop the non-ceremonial puck, bitches.

No one is home from the GT Staff tonight, so you kids are on your own with this thread. Play nice, don't leave the refrigerator open or the oven on, and we expect you all to be in bed when we get home. Oh, and Chris D? Absolutely no parties.

Let's Go Blues!