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Blues vs Pentguins; GDT

By Sean Gallagher

Crosby seems unaware that he's about to be eaten by himself.Yes, you read that headline right. It's a tip of the hat to person who will never read this. A buddy of mine's mother says that her favorite animal is the lovable pentguin. Which is hilarious to hear virtually every time. It also drives my buddy to question her, How can that be your favorite animal if you can't even say it right? Seriously, what's your favorite animal?


Similarly, if Pittsburgh's Pentguins are in town, but Sidney Crosby isn't playing, are they really the Pentguins? Last year, when Crosby missed 22 games, the number two superstar on the team, Evgeni Malkin (who also came in second on draft day to Alexander Ovechkin) stepped up and led the team with well over a point-per-game pace to pick up Sid The Kid's slack. Will he pick up the pace starting tonight if he's expected to be the man again?

No idea. We do know that Malkin does have a future in acting though, as does Max Talbot.

If you want to see the other side's smartassy take, check out The Pens Blog. Those dudes got issues, which, of course, is why we like them. And we don't like anyone that isn't us.

Most of the writers will be in the rink tonight, so this here is your GDT. Enjoy and Let's Go Blues!