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Blues v Buffalos

By Sean Gallagher

$4million a year to leave Buffalo? YEAH!The 6 p.m. start means this is a game day thread for starters, but you all may get a surprise visit from Bradley Leigh Lee at some point.

Until then, fill 'er up with your comments and love/hate for Fragile Jay McKee, Eric "The Robot" Brewer and Barret "overpaid because I was drafted here" Jackman.

No Kariya, still no Oshie, but the Sabres are likely dressing a 'tough guy' line (thanks to our friend Keller the Buffalo transplant for that info) and are also likely to start their back-up, a guy by the name of Patrick Lalime. Heard of him? Yeah, he's the same guy that we once printed up foam toilet stress-relievers with his name on them.

And yes, it does seem like the Blues have become that team, once again, that the opponents always start their back-up against. Oh well, let's hope they take advantage.

Let's Go Blues!