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Blues At Buffalo Third Period

McDonald skating right into your lap.

By Brad Lee

Surprise! It's a special third period live blog, brought to you by homemade pizza and leftover Haloween candy!

In case you're just joining us, Emmanuel Legace allowed three quick goals. He got pulled. Buffalo hasn't scored since. David Perron then scored his first of the season and Patrik Berglund added another. In other words, it's 3-2.

19:30 Buffalo comes out dangerously. Hopefully this effort isn't a jinx.

18:21 Chris Mason is playing well tonight. He's had some close moments, but he's hung in there.

17:43 Shot by Pietrangelo. He and partner Barret Jackman each pinched in on the same possession.

17:35 Backes hits the crossbar. Dang.

Where is our local Buffalo fan? Eh, he's probably passed out from wing sauce and beer by now.

15:26 Telander with the goal. "I don't think Mason saw this one," Federko said. Really? Because he didn't even flinch when the puck whistled by his head?

It's now 4-2 Sabres. Sweet. The live blog lives up to my jinxy expectations.

14:52 Fuck the referees. Tkachuk buried one...right after the whistle. Andy McDonald is going to the box for interference. He made some contact, but I don't think it was worth a penalty.

13:50 Man, Buffalo has a slow power play. Boring. Puck movement is really predictable. Nothing like St. Louis. Crazy, huh?

So I had to step away for a second and the Blues scored. Stempniak, hometown kid. Alright, I'll step away again.

Wait, is the game over? They lost?