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Blues At Blackhawks Second Period

Not from tonight, but still damn pretty.

By Brad Lee

Just wanted to make sure everyone saw one of the last comments in the first period post.


Hey - I’m part of those assholes from Chicago who sometimes comment on your site.

What the fuck is going on in this game? We may be down 3-1 on the scoreboard.. but we’re up 3-1 on the fight card.
I'd say the Hawks are 2-1 with a draw. That Janssen fight doesn't count.

Hey Mr. Blues Fan In Sweden, try and look under the sports heading. Don't know if it works outside the U.S. or not. It worked for me in Seattle last weekend, and that's practically Canada.

By the way, anyone wanting the copy of the Committed Indian for tonight (the Hawks' fan-run paper sold at games), send me a note at and I'll get it to you. Everyone who has responded has gotten one.

Third sweater on sale Wednesday. They debut Saturday nigth.

19:00 Blues with some hop in their step early in the second. Hopefully they still play some good offense and don't start protecting the lead already.

18:00 Perron with the mini spinorama, backhand pass to a cutting Berglund. Sweet play, no goal. That's the creativity I want to keep seeing from him. He created space, protected the puck and made an excellent pass.

16:30 McKee goes down to block a pass. That was worth about $500,000 based on his salary this year.

15:37 Perron, Berglund, Stempniak line playing well. Berglund put one on net. Perron goes skates first into Khabibulin. That will make him many friends in the Windy City. Hawks penalty. Seabrook. For once the announcers are paying attention. Which is nice. They just now realized Backes got a game misconduct.

14:45 I haven't given Brewer much shit tonight. With him as kind of the lone point man on the power play with the umbrella formation, his passes are so fucking slow. No crispness at all.

13:55 Bolland with the shorthanded goal. Legace looked like he made the save, but it trickled in off the post and the back of his leg. Fuck. Score is now 3-2 Blues.

I'm shocked it wasn't Sharp.

And according to the comments, people in Sweden can figure shit out. You know why that is? It comes from putting all that Ikea furniture together.

12:50 That's something you don't see every night. Instead of tripping and falling over the blue line, Brewer did it on the end red line.

10:45 I've counted at least two really weird bounces that almost hurt the Blues so far tonight.

McKee is going off for holding. As Federko noticed, McKee tried the, "I'm raising my hands so I can't possibly be holding him so don't blow the whistle on me" move to no avail.

8:26 Blues taking another penalty. That comes from holding the puck in the Blues' end for about half an hour. This is the second time tonight the Hawks just wore the St. Louis penalty killers down. And Murray takes the timeout before the three second 5-3.

Can't wait for the big Mizzou basketball game vs. Prairie View A&M. I'm trembling with anticipation. Or I need another beer. One or the other.

8:04 About six players ended up prone on the ice as the puck was loose in front. Legace was flailing and the Blues decided taking guys out like they were Secret Service agents guarding the President.

7:32 And the referees get all accountant on us, trying to even the ledger. It will be four on four for about a minute.

6:55 Perron in all alone...shot it wide. Some shake and bake moves there.

6:32 Legace with the glove save from his backside. He tried the little flourish, but the ref thought about making him drop it. Then thought better of it.

5:10 Hawks skating really well right now with the Toews, Kane, Sharp line. Blues look a little winded.

2:21 Wow. Perron skated up the middle, drew the defenders, made a move with the puck, looked like he was going to shovel it on net, passed at the very last moment to Berglund. I don't think the big Swede was ready for it. Keep them together long enough and that's a goal.

Brent Sopel in the box for the Hawks.

2:00 Berglund and Perron played their way onto the first power play unit. Nice.

1:21 Brewer got a shot through. And then a Hawks player fell down fanning on a shot. Awesome.

1:04 Boyes gets a chance. Khabibulin flops on his but. Somehow endes up on the puck. They play dumb Tetris-like Russian music for the goaltender. Weak.

:20 Kelly said Perron has been playing like a man possessed tonight. Thanks for paying attention, buddy.


Blues still lead 3-2. No goals, no fights, but still some interesting play. HUGE third period coming up. I'll let you know whent he post is up.