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Blues At Blackhawks Third Period

Smell the hand.

By Brad Lee

Blues lead 3-12. Big period coming up. Seriously, I meant 3-2.

Hey, we just had a technical snafu. Don't know how, but the second period post was above this one. And I know at least one comment disappeared, from new commenter Sodbuster. Try again. Dunno what happened.

17:19 Hawks goal. Tied 3-3. I step away for a minute and this is what happens?

15:40 Kane-Toews line gets a lot of attention. Perron line buzzing again. Nice.

14:52 I can't believe they think Buffalogin can play forward. He's slow as snot.

14:15 Hawks hit Legace in the chest. Good imitation of Jamal Mayers. "Good save by Manny Legace," Federko said. No rebound, sure. But he got hit in the chest.

Got a text from Tim at the South County Hooters. Says the Internet access isn't working. Too much intereference or something. I thought radio waves went through silicone.

13:05 Shot off the shoulder of Brewer above Legace. Rebound almost was trouble, but it went wide.

12:25 McDonald thought he had a breakaway. Duncan Keith broke it up. Sounds like an 80s rocker name. Was he in Poison or Cinderella or something?

11:11 Berglund falls down like he was hit by a tazer. Not that I would know what that would be like in person. Allegedly.

10:31 Khabibulin is a checking defenseman. He took Walt out in the corner. How is that not intereference on him? And Federko just agreed.

And if I seemed slow on some of this, I just realized I had paused the DVR at some point and was a good couple minutes behind live action. So know I know what Bob Plager sees after half a bottle of scotch.

What am I saying? I meant on his second bottle.

Los Bri, he mentioned the Committed Indian paper I am offering via e-mail.

8:30 Blues power play coming if Hawks ever touch it.

8:15 The Blues are on their fifth power play? Really? I guess the one-minute jobber is in there. Doesn't seem like they've had the advantage that much. Oh wait, they gave up the shorty.

7:27 Perron with a risky move in traffic and Hawks clear. He needs to find space, not Hawks players.

6:40 Hawks doing a good job pinning the Blues against the boards.

Now St. Louis holding puck in well.

6:00 Big kill for Chicago. Fun game.

5:33 TV timeout was needed if they're playing the Cam Cam line.

I love the Chicago organ's sound. Too bad both teams have buildings with less character than their old ones.

5:11 Cam Cam line out again? WTF?

4:41 Chicago apparently has an Eric Johnson. I did not know that. He doesn't look very big.

4:00 Our Johnson is so big, he putts out from his hospital bed.

3:33 Sharp had the backdoor all to himself, and the puck jumped past him. Damn, that was close.

2:46 Boyes stopped on the backhand...and there's a Chicago penalty???? Wow. Wait, Tkachuk is going off? Chicago had the puck? "You gotta be kidding me," Federko said. I agaree.

2:36 Hawks' sixth power play. So I guess home team gets last chance.

And the Hawks once again hold the puck in. Even when it comes out, only one guy changed.

1:50 Everyone is dropping their sticks. Then during a scrum, two players held down Toews like they were going to brand him. Intense stuff.

1:15 Puck cleared. And it's Aaron Johnson? John Kelly on the FSN said Eric. Or Erik. Sorry, Hawks fan.

:42 Full strength. Nice.

Bad bounce almost cost the Hawks.


Stay here for overtime, won't you? The other Blues-Hawks game went to the shootout before some rookie (Go for Osh) scored the game winner for the Blues.

Tim talked with Angellllla at the Hooters. She's getting the ok from her boss to answer my interview questions. I could have just texted her, but I thought it would be much creepier to have Tim talk to her for me.

4:27 Bouncing puck on Legace who smothers it. Lots of bounces there in Chicago. That kind of scares me.

3:53 PENALTY???? Blues get the power play after McDonald fell down from a hook. WEAK. Stick was in there, but he hardly touched him. Federko predicts goal. Thanks for the jinx, prick.

3:30 FOUR FORWARDS ON THE ICE ALMOST LEADS TO A SHORTY BREAKAWAY. Where did I put those high blood pressure pills???


And that's how you shut the fuck up 21,000 people. And I already admitted it was a bullshit penalty.

Fun, fun game.

As a guy who has written about the Blues here or on that other site six days a week for more than a month, that game is almost gratifying. Holy crap. I'm almost relieved instead of elated.

Next Hawks game in St. Louis, I'm going to be there no matter what. Should be an interesting rematch. Too bad it's not until January. I have no idea if they go back to Chicago in between.



that was a fun game.. I hate overtime
I can understand that sentiment. Don't be a stranger, Hawk fan.

We had a big turnout tonight. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

See you later figure skaters.