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Sacre Bleu! Montreal at St. Louis- Open Thread

One is the mascot, the other the GM. Guess which is which.

By Chris Gift

Nothing beats sitting down on a Sunday afternoon/evening for a hockey game. Especially when the local football team is over two months in to their season and still talks about both of their wins.

As per most home games, most GT staffers are at the game, so here is the thread, and a great picture of Youppi.

A few quick things to note about tonight's contest:

- Montreal has looked awful in their last two games, losing 6-1 in Boston on Thursday, and 2-1 last night at home to Philadelphia.

- Look for Carey Price to be in goal for the Habs. Jaroslav Halak played last night.

- Heavyweight Champion Georges Laraque visits tonight, perhaps a bout with David Koci is in our future.

- Sacre Bleu (or more accurately) "sacrebleu" is literally translated to "sacred blue," a reference to the Virgin Mary. It is used instead of swearing, and has fallen out of common usage in French vernacular in recent times.

- Fuck Detroit, which we prefer, is a reference to the entire Detroit area. We use it whenever possible, and highly recommend saying it. Not only is it profane, but it also keeps Mary out of it.