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Blues Get A BJ

Excuse me, what's the B and the J stand for?

By Brad Lee

Apparently the plan to corner the market on Johnsons last year (Erik, Mike, Ryan) failed. So instead, the Blues are acquiring players with acronymns. Introducing forward BJ Crombeen who the Blues picked up on waivers from Dallas on Tuesday. He's the son of Mike Crombeen who played for the Blues from 1978-83.

In addition to BJ, the Blues have a DJ and a TJ. And many fans on the Internets say they have a KT and an EJ too. Holy alphabet soup, AM (Andy Murray). We're surprised the Blues made this announcement seeing as how BJ is such a VIP. Shouldn't they have kept the PC on the QT? 'Cause if it leaks to the VC he could end up MIA, and then they'd all be put out in KP.

For the record, the younger Crombeen has played in 15 games for the Stars this season with one goal, four assists and 26 penalty minutes. Add him into the mix for third and fourth line consideration. And the conventional wisdom that had Steve Regier, who scored twice in his season debut Sunday night, recalled from Peoria for Friday's game is now in doubt.

So commenters, do you like the BJ or do you dislike the BJ? Tell us. Just please don't show us.