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Blues At Ducks Second Period

Hunting limit? What's that?

By Brad Lee

We're here. The Ducks are queer. Let's go.

18:53 And both teams look a little slow.

17:30 Blues are dangerous. McClement thinks he is an offensive player. Weird.

16:07 Tkachuk got blowed up coming down the ice. Damn. That was cool.

14:34 For an old guy, Selanne can still play. Unlike Chelios. That dick can't play for shit.

13:58 Big scramble in front of the net. Legace flops on his back. Apparently no goal. Where the hell was the puck?

13:22 A Ducks player went down. There might have been a trip. Ducks power play.

11:52 And for I believe the third time tonight the killing of 10 Montreal power plays Sunday night is referenced. Enough.

11:06 Blues power play. Pronger just held the stick. I bet next penalty he causes a concussion. Search him on It's funny.

7:02 So there's some skating. Some shooting. Some passing. Still 1-0.

6:00 Brad May survived the fight. Good for him. Thoughts and prayers.

5:35 May and the mustachioed Parros on the same line? What, Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield can't skate or something?

4:18 Just finished a full bottle of wine, a 2006 Chardonel from Chandler Hill Vineyards. Very nice.

3:10 How much do you think Giguere weighs in all of his gear? Without?

2:59 Shot from Selanne. Legace thought he was sitting on the puck. Apparently he wasn't, Blues cleared the crease. Damn, that was close.

1:54 Janssen shooting on the rush. He must really want to celebrate again after actually scoring his own goal.

Dear Blues. Please stop playing the, "Everybody FREEEEEZE. Now clap your hands!" I don't want to. Knock it off. Thanks.


Blues lead 1-0. I think both teams were resting for a monumental third period. I'll let you know when the new post is up.

Drink up. I have a feeling the third might be a tad nerve-wracking.