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Man-ny! Man-ny!

The crest makes a nice target on the goalie. Like a tramp stamp.

By Sean Gallagher

You know there were some shitty calls made when a goalie says, "A guy was sitting on my head and they scored" which is what he said during the post-game in-arena interview that was on FNMW.

EDIT: Here's exactly what Emmanuel said after the game.

It should have never went to overtime. The refs didn't want to call anything in the last minute. McClement gets pulled down and they don't call that. Then there was a big cluster around the net and a guy sitting on my head and they didn't call that. The Hockey Gods evened it out and we were lucky to win in overtime.

I was there and I won't be fined by the NHL for saying it like Legace would, so here it is: The referees sucked balls tonight. Not my balls, but someone's balls. And one of them lives near me. Not the balls, the referees. You guys wanna go burn some shit in his front yard? Just give me a halfway good enough reason and I'll give you his address.

But, back on task, check out Manny's fine-avoidance (but just barely) comments about the way the game was called.

Extra points for Manny:

  1. Calling on the Hockey Gods to right the wrongs of the shitacular officiating.

  2. Literally knocking on his head when he says, "Knock on wood."

  3. Pounding the shit out of his Gatorade mid-interview.

If I had to pick one Blue to hang out with, Manny wins, based on this interview alone.