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Blues in Minnesota; GDT

By Sean Gallagher

With three staffers committed to various hoity and/or toity events tonight, there will be no live blog. Instead, this will be your thread to jack our curse-to-comment ratio up over the 1:1 mark. And while we're speaking of numbers, we're setting the official over/under on number of GT staffers who are 'asked' to leave their events at 1.5. (Let's be honest, inviting us and having an open bar? They're basically asking for it.)

Looks like the Wild have their own mascot issues.After a big win last night over Anaheim, can the Blues go into the Wild's building and pull off another win? It'll be tough, especially since the Wild are 5-2-1 in their own building and they just lost there last Thursday night. They haven't lost back-to-back games at home since Nov 23, 2007. We just checked the math and that is just under one year ago.

Additionally, goalie Niklas Backstrom has been stellar at home, going 11-1-3 in his last 15 in Minnesota.

Not bad enough? The Wild are 8-2-2 all-time against the Blues when they play host.

On the plus side, the Blues didn't lose anyone to injury last night and the offensive comet that is Steve Regier continued to burn bright with a power play goal, giving him his third in two games with the Note. Other guys with three or fewer goals for the Blues? David Backes (3 in 17 games), Dutchie Stempniak (3 in 13 games), Paul Kariya (2 in 11 games), David Perron (2 in 16 games) and TJ Oshie (2 in 10 games).

Steve Regier wants to know what's wrong with those guys.

For those who want more of a preview, the Yahoo one isn't too bad. It also mentions that some guy named Marian Gaborik is still out with an injury.

As a side project, try to identify exactly what that Minnesota mascot is. Some sort of bear? A racoon? Whatever it is, it can apparently skate and it wears pants.

Help yourself to whatever's in the fridge, try to not mess the place up to bad and if you're drinking, no driving. Just crash in the spare bedroom.

Let's Go Blues!