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Blues At Predators First Period

Enjoying that cookie? Why don't you have a seat?

By Brad Lee

Early start tonight for the Blues at Nashville. Puck drops a little after 6 p.m. CST. The game is on the Huntin' Channel. Holler in the comments if you don't get that fine cable network and I'm sure someone will provide a live feed from some offshore Web site.

Jeremy Rutherford says these are the forward lines tonight:

Steve Regier-Keith Tkachuk-Brad Boyes

Brad Winchester-David Backes-David Perron

B.J. Crombeen-Jay McClement-Yan Stastny

Chris Porter-Cam Paddock-Cam Janssen
Hey, a grinder-type guy on every line. Sweet fancy Moses, they're going to have to outwork Nashville to get a win tonight.

Starting goaltender could be former Predator Chris Mason. He might be a little motivated. The new guys Steen and Coca-Cola are stuck in immigration getting their Green Cards or some shit. They should have said they were born in East LA.

We'll be back at game at St. Louis Game Time. Log in and get involved.

If you're watching the Vs. channel, you just got to see the end of a thrilling repeat game. For a second I thought I was going to have to live blog a Caps-Wild game. That wouldn't have been weird at all.

By the way, go to the front page and scroll down to Gallagher's post with the video of Lee Stempniak going to Toronto.

In the past I have used for the Blues feed. Anyone else have suggestions for the Vs.-less folks?

Blues wearing the alternate sweaters. Holiday shopping starts Friday!!!

And for the record, Brian Engblom scares the shit out of me.

19:34 Tootoo hit the post. Fuck. If that guy is pouring it on early, look out.

19:13 Janssen for boarding on a vicious hit behind the net. McCreary sucks balls, but Janssen was out of control.

18:05 The camera person is going to give me motion sickness going back and forth.

Looking at the injury report, "Oh the poor Blues," the one fucktard said to the other.

15:52 Now that we know how to pronounce Regier, I hope we can have a good game together, two announcers I don't know and don't care about.

15:32 Mason looks sharp early. A few small rebounds but nothing to worry about yet.

14:32 You know the Blues are thin offensively at forward when Fragile Jay is pinching in from the point.

13:35 Perron drew a penalty with his sweet stickhandling.

Hey gang, if anyone who hasn't commented before wants to join the fun, I'm watching for new commenters to approve. So join in.

What. The. Fuck. Perron drew a penalty as well? Bull.

12:41 They're talking about the new guys coming from Toronto. For the record, John Davidson on the Bernie Miklasz show this afternoon on 1380 said their immigration papers came through and they're trying to get to Colorado for tomorrow night.

10:54 Mason continues his solid play guarding against a decent wraparound. He's already made 10 saves. And yes, the Blues have one shot on goal. At this pace, it's going to be a long night.

9:54 Blues shot off the post. "The Blues' fourth line is out there." Really? How can you tell? This lineup is more gritty than a gravel sandwiche.

Shouldn't it be a rule that neither team can use players they acquire in a trade until they can all play? Granted they passed physicals, but green cards putting the Blues shorthanded sucks.

Hey commenters. We need a nickname for the new defenseman. I threw out Coca-Cola, but it doesn't quite work. Help?

8:53 Another post? Or there is ringing in my ears.

6:59 When did the Blues trade for Woywicka?

6:22 HUGE rebound from Mason, but he was ready and stopped the follow-up shot. Inspired is what he is. Maybe a little pissed too. And bald. Don't forget bald.

5:00 Blues on a power play. Puck movement is a little...uh, challenged. Like Corky from Life Goes On.

Check the comments for Stempniak debut comments from Gallagher who apparently couldn't tear himself away from his little Dutchie.

3:20 Walt going to the box and he's not happy.

And thanks slackers for all the help with nicknames. Unoriginal bastards. Tim, it's your time to shine!

2:41 Shea Weber. Do you think some guys in Nashville hear the name and think he's actually some 20-year-old country girl in Daisy Duke shorts and a belly shirt?

1:50 And I thought the St. Louis offense was "special." Tootoo is on the power play. Ha!


Game is tied 0-0. Blues played pretty well for not having a lot of talented guys up front. Nashville had a fair number of scoring chances, but few were really high quality.

Like I said in the beginning, with this lineup the Blues are going to have to work really hard to win this game.

I'll let you know when the second period shindig is up. Prepare yourself for the Engblom.