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Blues At Predators Second Period

Tootoo likes cougars?

By Brad Lee

Jordin Tootoo used to date Kellie Pickler from country music and Gift's wet dreams fame. Apparently he's dropped his standards since.

19:11 First minute of both period, Tootoo has scoring chances. Weird.

Welcome new commenter James Mirtle in the "Change is coming" post.

16:32 Porter with the wraparound try. Ellis says, "I don't think so, bub."

15:45 Brewer shot blocked. Outstanding.

14:55 Regier, however you pronounce his name, is not a terrific passer. He's a finisher. He can let the puck hit his midsection and bounce in better than anybody.

14:06 Perron draws another penalty. Might have to add that to my autotext. Right next to Fuck Detroit.


There is coach Mole Man
I've long said he looks like Danny DeVito. As the Penguin.

12:54 "Brewer thinks about it." Thankfully he thought better of it.

I think we lead the league in Swedish commenters. And I like that.

I made the comment to Gallagher tonight that Stempniak is the first player I would consider buying his new jersey. He got traded instead of left during free agency. He was drafted here. He's cool. And he went to an Original Six team. It's not like I'd buy some other asshole's sweater on any of those teams or buy a blank one.

Eh. I'd rather have an alternate Blues jersey.

10:25 Still scoreless. Check the first period comments if you don't get the Vs. and are looking for a stream.

9:28 "That's the best save of the hockey game." Mason looks confident.

I would bet a mortgage payment they play the Cotton Eyed Joe song at the Sommet Center.

8:55 Backes winds up and whiffs on the open-ice hit. I think he's a little too much into, "I'm the motherfucking checking master."

7:23 "The ice is a little tilted." Yeah, and the Blues can't pass for shit. Mason playing lights out still.

6:37 On cue, Mason stops the long shot on a breakaway.

How many commercials have we seen for the third Punisher movie?

5:42 Brad The Rifleman Winchester goes to the box.

3:30 Mason jitterbugging all over the place...still keeping the puck out. Revenge over your old team, it can hurt like a motherfucker.

One more time for folks late to the part, check the first period comments for a live stream of the game over the Internets. For free even.

3:04 Mason, strong like wall. Brick wall.

2:10 I bet Jordin Tootoo has rabies.

1:48 Delay of game, putting the puck over the glass. The ref's signal was a mix of putting his hand over his heart during the National Anthem, and a Nazi salute. Not creepy at all.

:54 Man, fast period. Time flies when you live blog.

:39 Mason with the save. "Chris Mason is in the zone." Light-headed and lingering, as Dan Patrick would have said 14 years ago.


Score is still tied 0-0. Blues could use some of that Enzyte to help raise the offense.

Nashville may have crappy fans, but I wouldn't kick most of the ice girls out of bed for eating crackers.