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If A Game Happens And No One Can See It…

...did it really happen?

Ray pretty much covers it.

By Sean Gallagher

In a sea of pessimism, we'd like to be a tiny island of optimism. So you know what the good takeaways from yesterday's debacle are?

  1. The IceBerg is back in the lineup and he scored a goal. Our regular reader that I met for the first time on the street yesterday who was wearing his third jersey with No. 21 on it must have been happy about that.

  2. Keith Tkachuk continued to streak trudge towards his 1,000th career point with an assist on the first goal. Much like his 500th goal, he'll probably hit the milestone on the road, where opposing fans will be bewildered as to why his teammates are mobbing him so overzealously.

  3. There's another game against another crappy opponent tonight today. There's a good chance they can put that let-down loss yesterday behind them quickly.

The game allegedly starts at 2:05. We say allegedly because we don't even have an operable radio in the house anymore, so short of sitting in the car and listening or struggling through a constantly-buffering internet broadcast, we probably won't hear a lot of this one. Honestly? We'll probably just be watching the comments in this thread and following the action through you.

We love Kerber and Chase, but we're not driving today.

As for today's match up with the tiny birds, Yahoo has a pretty good post-game/pre-game analysis. Personally, we hope to see something up on our new friend hildymac's site called Wazzupwitchu. Because, you know, we prefer the non-manistream media viewpoint.

Here's hoping for a good game, a fun radio broadcast and some more of your classic comments to get us through this one.

Let's Go Blues!