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Bonus on-line Trivia Spectacular

What happens when the Blues play 58 games in a row? You just automatically make trivias for every game, even the road ones!

Blues AT Ducks!

First Period (true or false)

  1. The current Ducks owner is banned by the NHL from having contact with his team.

  2. Chris Pronger has more career NHL goals than the entire Blues starting defense corps for Wedensday's game.

he scores! but how much more now that he left the Oilers cos of his wife?

First Intermission (T/F):

3. Mighty Joe Young is King Kong's son.

Second Period (multiple choice)

4. Randy Carlyle has achieved all but which one of the following: Norris Trophy winner, Winningest coach in Anaheim's history, Jack Adams Award Winner, or an NHL team captaincy?

5. Of the following players, who has the fewest penalty minutes this season: David Backes, Cam Janssen, George Parros, or Ryan Getzlaf?

You don't get penalty minutes in the press boxx! can't Koci ever catch a break! nevermind!

Second Intermission:

6. Who won an Academy Award for their work in Mighty Aphrodite: Woody Allen, Helen Bonhan Carter, Mia Sovino, or Mia Farrow?

Third Period

7. Who is the only player to have captained both the Blues and the Ducks?

8. Todd Marchant was once traded for, and then later coached by, what Blues alumnus?

9. Which current Duck once played six straight 82-game NHL seasons?

How can you tell what team he plays for? The note doesn't say St. Louis anywhere!!!


10. What Minnesota player is the active leader in consecutive games played with 459?