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Blues At Ducks Second Period

Pronger and two brothers.

By Brad Lee

I'm working. Hold on.

18:42 Jackman in the box for crosschecking. It was in his own crease. Have a heart, zebra.

GREAT save by Mason. I'm sure he got lucky stopping Selanne, right?

17:53 And he couldn't stop Selanne top shelf later in the power play. 2-1 Ducks.

17:15 Blues on the power play. Big shot from Boyes on the point blocked.

Ninth of the season for Selanne, eight on the power play. Wow. And he had about three inches above Mason's shoulder to sneak that under the crossbar.

15:56 Welcome back to Anaheim McDonald!!! Power play goal! Tied 2-2. He snuck into an open space on the ice between the cirlces and he lit the lamp. And both times when the Ducks scored, the Blues answer quickly.

Assists to Stempniak (still no goals) and leading scorer Paul Kariya.

15:00 Stempniak checked Pronger. That's like an adult in a Mighty Mite game.

Kunitz with a chance stoned. Ducks swarming. Or flying in a V or something. Whatever ducks do.

14:07 They say the Ducks scored. I'm not sure. 3-2 at the moment. How about a review?

Mason was covering the post, the puck came to the post, Perry jammed his stick diving at the net and pushed Mason off the post. That's not very sporting of him.

Penalty upcoming before an Autotire ad. I believe the Ducks touched the puck last, so the second best power play might be on the ice momentarily. And this thing could be tied up again just that quickly.

They keep showing Ben Bishop, possibly expecting a change?

13:35 Federko takes forever to say he's not sure how Perry scored that goal. He should be logged in here. He'd sound so much smarter.

By the way, I am approving new commenters. So anyone watching from the sidelines, join in.

12:52 Hiller covers the puck and the Blues play wack a mole on the goaltender. No retaliation.

Pietrangelo on the power play. Interesting. Federko thinks Kariya is in the dressing room and hopes Jim The Cat Hayes will do some reporting. They'll say it's a lower body injury. What's the point?

11:20 "Getting shots on the power play is the most important thing." Federko said. What about getting goals on the power play? How important is that?

Welcome new commenter Betsey Bruce. Dick Ford and Karen Foss I'm sure aren't too far behind.

10:35 Another Blues power play. Stempniak with a decent shot from the point. They miss Kariya if he is indeed hurt.

9:50 Perron teed it up...and put it wide. Just shoot, buddy. Don't try to make the perfect play.

Then Frenchy got checked off the puck on a 2-1. Murray is going to threaten to deport him.

Welcome new commenter Donn Johnson. I think.

8:30 Brewer telegraphs everything. I bet he raises a cheek before he farts.

7:44 Blues can't clear. TOO MUCH standing around, wacking at the puck with wild stick swings. Move your feet.

6:25 Tkachuk looks like he's 29 again, trying to skate around defenders with the puck. Once again, I will assert that Big Walt is a different player with at least two days off between games. And one of these days when I'm not doing 10 things at once, I'm going to figure out how much better he is with those days off.

5:00 Jay and the Americans showed some jump, holding the puck in the Ducks' zone for a lengthy perid of time. But no scoring chances.

4:37 And Getzlaf scored. The Stempniak line was on the ice FOREVER. Getzlaf just cruised in and found the backdoor unguarded. All alone, he just banged it home. "No chance here for Chris Mason," Federko said. Weaver looked like a revloving door. 4-2 Ducks.

Damn. This sucks. And it's not even the third period.

Welcome new commenter...Ron Yaros. Sorry. Don't remember that newscaster.

Pat Parris looked like he was standing in an elevator looking up at a security camera coming back from commercial.

Kariya has a lower body injury. A little penacilin will clear that right up. At least that's what the dead corpse of Herb Humphries told me.

2:03 And for the second time in the game Federko breaks down the apparently complicated rule of home team gets last line change. Thanks, buddy.

Attention not approved commenter "Balls." Who is your favorite American Idol contestant? Leave another comment and maybe you'll be approved.

END OF PERIOD. Well that sucked. It's 4-2 Ducks after 40 minutes. Third period post will be announced in the comments. Grab a beer or three and stay up late here at Game Time.