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Can Blues Crown Kings?

By Sean Gallagher

The Kings of Leon are trying to give the Blues a reason to win tonight.Everyone loves a good revenge story; well, everyone who has ever been wronged anyway. But you know who really loves a good revenge story? Head coaches. And Andy Murray's got plenty of revenge storylines to tick off for his team tonight:

1. The Kings are the team that canned him.

2. The Kings are the team that shelled the Blues at home 4-0.

3. A bunch of the players got shut out of the recent Kings of Leon concert at the Pageant when it sold out.

And yeah, that last one is pretty shaky, but sometimes coaches have to stretch for a good pre-game speech.

Injured and on the road for the better part of a week now, we'll see if the youngish Blues can beat the youngish Kings in their own building and re-pay the favor.

No live blog tonight folks: just too many people out and about tonight. Dooks, we'll work you in soon.

Have fun, play nice and bring home a winner.

Let's Go Blues!