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Blues At Ducks Open Thread

Cam, don't hurt him.

By Brad Lee

The Blues travel to the play the Anaheim of Orange County of California Ducks tonight. That means I'm firing up the live blog machine and getting the Mountain Dew drip going. You can still taste the green goodness in your mouth even if you're injecting directly into your blood stream.

A few highlights from the reliable Jeremy Rutherford:

  • Emmaneul Legace gets the start after backstopping Monday night's 6-3 win against the Predators. Expect Chris Mason to start tomorrow night in Los Angeles. Wonder if they even change hotel rooms. I think it would be funny if they flew from John Wayne Airport to LAX. Where was I?

  • Same lineup as Monday night. Teeeeej Oshie and Paul Kariya did not travel for the three-game road trip.

  • And to chew on in the pregame comments, Eric Brewer is seeing less ice time with the emergence of Carlo Colaiacovo on the power play. He's averaged about 20 minutes the last few games. Andy Murray says he'd like to see Brewer play four or five more minutes a game.

And discuss.

We'll be back at game time.

FAIR WARNING: This may not be the most updated live blog we've ever had. Unless the guy in charge wants to jump in, there will be a few gaps.

Sparse crowd at the Honda Duck Center Pond Place during the pregame warmups.

Almost first faceoff. And the volume got really quiet. I'd turn it up, but I don't want it to get super loud in a minute. Plus, I kind of like not hearing Bernie Federko for a change.

14:30 Yeah, so this is the worst live blog ever so far. I think it's still scoreless. And three-year-old daughters who are up past their bedtime do a lot of running around and shrieking.

7:31 BJ. Everyone loves the Beej!

6:35 Parros scores, ties 1-1.

Legace took a knee to the head. Fuck.

Poor College Student

Well, I’m only a student, but I can’t say that looks god at all
Your future physical therapist!

Manny can't stand up straight. The Dook lookalike is now coming in. And with the great news that Ben Bishop got rocked in Peoria tonight, this is not a good turn of events.


We'll just keep it in one thread, open thread style. Sorry for the live blog tease.