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An Abbreviated History of GT

By Sean Gallagher

Here's the short version of how we came to be part of this great big, happy SB Nation family:

Step 1: Stupidly decide to start a fan-based unofficial program to sell at the home games of a last-place team.

Step 2: Set up a really sad little website about your hairbrained scheme.

Step 3: Get a bunch of great people to help you out; improve website and paper.

Step 4: Be amazed that people find the paper and the site to be entertaining; continue to press your luck.

Step 5: Get lucky and get asked to work with James Mirtle. Really, I mean who wouldn't trust this guy, right?


The longer version? Well, let's just say that it's far too boring to spell out at this point. Maybe this summer when we're hurting for content we'll bore you with that.

We were able to bring over our archives from our old site, so feel free to kick around those to get an idea of what we're all about. Aso, feel free to lean on the regular commenters because, honestly, they've given us most of our good ideas anyway.

Speaking of our regular commenters, you guys should really like the new layout. Not only is there lots of great team information right here, but we have also been able to archive our old issues of the actual paper on the site.

Even better, you all have the opportunity to take over the site by using the FanPosts and FanShots that are on the right of the page. No need for a message board or for those crappy URL-only links from before. Actually, I'm a little bit afraid of what you're all going to do with those.

So, please test out the new widgets and gizmos and make yourself at home. Old guys help the new guys. As always, we appreciate all of your feedback.

And finally, because I promised it back in the post where we announced we were joining this crew, here's a little Minor Threat for you:

Notice how Ian's mic went out and the whole crowd sang all the words, making it a great concert? Yeah, I chose this one on purpose, because our readers and commenters are every bit as important to the site as those of us who have our names on it.