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You Write The Comedy Tuesday

Who invited the goalie?

By Brad Lee

The Blues are off until Wednesday night. The only interesting things going on with the team right now are their flight troubles (they got stuck Sunday night in Atlanta) and who is starting in goal Wednesday night.

Emmanuel Legace isn't playing as well as backup Chris Mason. But with seven games in the next 11 days (ugh), both will get plenty of time between the pipes. The schedule this month is absolutely brutal. They play on consecutive nights FOUR TIMES. They're cramming in 15 games between Dec. 3 and Dec. 30 with nine of the 15 at home. Add a West Coast road trip and games in Washington and Detroit and December could be a killer for the Blues. More on that later.

Today, we bring back the fan favorite You Write The Comedy. Tell us, what's being said/really happening in the above photo? Let us know in the comments. And don't forget to come back for the live blog Wednesday night at 7 p.m.