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Worst. Cribs. Ever.

TJ Oshie fires up his own version of MTV's 'Cribs' for his teammates back in North Dakota. Couple tips for you before you dive in to this 9-plus minute journey of 'umm' and way-inside UND references:

-Watch for Berglund flat-out laying the fuck out in the background of about 25% of the shots.

-Holy shit, who knew that the editors at MTV were so good. Nine minutes of this and like seven minutes of it is filler/garbage.

-Dude, 'Jack In The Box' rules.

-Oasis peaked at 'Wonderwall' but I'm still witcha. Who knew you liked to cry when you are alone?

-Seriously, stop saying, 'umm'.

-Teej: You should probably stop putting shit on YouTube. We're like 45 minutes away from figuring out where you live now. The TechnoViking is gonna be pissed when you open the door for all of us at 2 a.m. when we show with a case of beezos, 20 Jack burgers and chilli cheese fries and three 'Bermuda Cup' references. definitely keep putting shit up on YouTube.