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Blues At Wild Things Second Period

No one said anything about the first period art.

By Brad Lee

Blues are getting outshot. What's new?

Chris Mason is playing like a No. 1 goaltender. What's new?

Scorless after one period in Minnesota. What's new?

We'll be back when the puck is dropped.

20:00 And we're back.

18:00 TJ Oshie in the broadcast booth. "You're looking pretty good, young man." Whoa John Kelly. Take a step back.

17:46 Blues on the power play.

"I've never sat out a game before because of injury." Fragile Jay thinks that's insane.

16:48 Now it's nice that they bring the player up to the booth, but I'd like to hear some better material. Talk smack, talk about Iceberg being messy around the house or smelling like herring. Something, man. Give me something to chew on.

15:58 St. Louis penalty, Frankensteen for prostitution.

Still no score. Still not a lot of exciting action. Damn you Wild.

15:00 What the hell is going on in Carolina? They fire their coach. Ok, fine. And then hire the guy they fired to hire that guy? Mike Kitchen thinks that's insane.

14:50 I think the Wild miss the Blues' sloppy seconds in the form of Pavol Demitra.

I hope I don't get suspended.

13:30 Every save Mason makes, I think you can hear Legace's sphincters tighten another milimeter or two.

13:25 At least on this odd-man rush for the Iceberg and Boyes they got the shot off. Bergie is obviously a better passer. If it hadn't bounced around, Boyes would have had a better chance.

I miss the CasinoPresident's Queen commercial where the guy guarnatees I'm going to have a good time. I don't know why. (Dooks pays more attention than I do)

11:25 "Already six shots on goal to four in the first period." Kelly, that's still not very good.

Welcome new commenter Rob STP. I think he likes those pricks dressed in red. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

They're playing Sammy Hagar? I thought St. Louis was the only town that liked him.

9:50 I think Kelly just called out a name that was Cal Butterfuck. Or I need my hearing checked.

They just showed the Blues invitees to the World Juniors camps. I bet the Prospect Department just got excited.

9:43 Belanger puts a backhander past Mason's elbow. He put it top right corner. Not much room to shoot there. Good aim. 1-0 Minnesota.

9:00 E-Cola with the diving save to stop the breakaway. Nice.

And if a guy only has 100 goals in his career, do you really need to call that out on the PA?

8:13 Blues doing a lot of standing around in their own end. Not a good sign. Scrum in front of Mason dangerous.

7:30 Three rushes into the Blues' zone in two minutes. Wild feeling it right now. Blues hoping to weather this storm at the moment.

5:46 If this was a basketball game, Murray would be calling a timeout to stop the Minnesota momentum. They're getting to all the pucks, keeping it in the zone.

Scrum in front, Mason pushed a Wild forward. Pluck is what that is.

The camerman in the corner in the stands keeps showing the only Blues fan he can find, this one lonely girl.

4:20 Brewer just pushed a guy out of the crease. The enthusiasm is catching. Like ghonorea.

Ok, that was gross.

And they finally found a better looking girl in a Blues sweater. I think the TV producer is reading the live blog.

3:00 Minnesota as a hockey town just lost stature in my book by playing that fucking, "Dayyyyy-oh" shit. Do they do the "Everybody clap your hands!" crap too?

1:00 Still 1-0 Wild.


One of our lovely commenters mentioned not seeing Tkachuk for awhile. I agree. Anyone notice him?

Keep it going, you motherpuckers. We'll have third period up shortly with interesting art.