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Blues At Hockey Gone Wild Third Period

We try to stay PG-rated with the art.

By Brad Lee

Wild winning 1-0. Woooooooooooh! It's such a hot game. Naughty even. You'll never believe what the Blues players will do in the third period. Some are young enought to still be in college!!!

By the way, I love when a commenter censors himself and the other commenters respond with, "Fuck, shit, damn" just to make sure it's not some catastrophic thing that we've done with the blog. No, we're not going to do that, even when we're on SB Nation. Whenever that is...

Is anyone watching a live stream of the game and want to share in the comments? You know, just in case?

18:50 Ok, quick vote. Has this been an interesting game or a somewhat boring game?

18:15 Mason robs Owen Nolan. That's Nolan Jr, right? That can't be the old dude who played for the Sharks. I think he's dead.

Oh crap, it is him. He's gotta be about 50 by now, right?

And somebody said Minnesota's forwards aren't talented.

18:02 Blues penalty. Polak held a stick.

17:07 Brunette scores on the rebound for the Wilds. 2-0. Don't beat Rob STP up too much.

And for a team in supposedly the American capitol of hockey, there are a lot of foreign and French-sounding names on the team.

14:50 Stastny in the box. And Zidlicky scored. 3-0 Minnesota.

Remember when I said the Blues were standing around too much? Yeah a little of that before the penalty and then the Wild suddenly find offense with the man advantage.


…..cant wait to see the multiple "GET MASON OUT OF THERE!" and the "WTF?! WHY DIDNT WE PLAY MANNY??" threads on the Blues message boards….
Yeah, and that's why we don't have a message board anymore. Well that and the fact that Dooks was the only guy who used it for six months. I think Sean even renamed it Dooky's World for awhile.

14:00 Refs attempt to even the penalties up. Blues 0-2 so far. When was the last time we saw Tkachuk? Nevermind, he's out now.

12:54 Quality shorthanded chance for Minnesota. Um, yeah.

12:06 Blues take another penalty. So much for evening out.

No matter the outcome, the Blues just look like it's a struggle to do anything with the puck with this lineup. You look at the line combinations and it's almost humorous to see what Murray has to work with. I'm SHOCKED the Blues have played as well as they have without McDonald, Oshie and Kariya.

8:31 Well I hate to not finish this thing, but I need to get the daughter in bed. Wild still lead 3-0. Things look bleak, but the comments have been tremendous. Even random trivia contests giving away things that don't exist. Love it.

Thanks for hanging. We'll have the December desktop wallpaper up tonight.