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NHL Recognizes Captain Roboto

Holy crap, he played a great game

By Brad Lee

Game Time will be the first to admit that we have given Eric Brewer a hard time. But he's deserved it. The joyless cyborg who doesn't even talk glowingly about his newborn baby has only shown a passion for competing when he was angling for a new contract. But last night was definitely different.

That long outlet pass to Andy McDonald for the breakaway goal was a thing of beauty. Brewer had four assists -- DOUBLE his career high. And the guys who normally work with computers and robots at (Gary Bettman does resemble Twiki from the Buck Rodgers television show from the early 1980s) have recognized Brewer for his career night by naming him one of the league's three stars.

Brewer, you deserve a pat on the back and an extra can of light-weight motor oil at your recharging station in the dressing room to celebrate. But if you come out flat footed and turn the puck over in the neutral zone leading to a Patrick Sharp shorthanded goal Tuesday night, we reserve the right to boo. Lustily even. Stick that in your micro processor and don't forget it.

What's your impression of the robotic captain? Let us know in the comments.