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Blues At Kings Second Period

Damn, I need a widescreen/hidef.

By Brad Lee

Is this one of the last times we'll see Bryce Salvador in a Blues sweater? Offer your opinions in the comments.

17:51 The Walker family didn't see his goal the other night either. They could join Gallagher in the official Matt Walker Fan Club.

17:27 Ivanans gets a penalty for holding. Sounds like a Fruit Euro. First power play of the game. Gotta move the puck to create space.

16:21 The Kings are the worst PK team in the league? They don't get much pressure on the puck.

15:30 Power play killed off. They had a couple chances but not much sustained pressure.

Jessica Says:

oh great, bernie says the key to our success recently is marty rucinsky. sign me up for my playoff pack now.
You may have just become Gallagher's favorite commenter.

14:19 This is for Chris D: Tkchuk just stole the puck and made a play by hustling.

And no, I didn't see your comment before writing that.

12:17 Kopitar scores on the power play. That's disappointing.

Gift Says:

Could they have shown a bigger piece of white trash wearing Blues and Cardinals gear?
Hey, douche bag. Nice hat.

Probably not.

11:41 Frolov makes it 2-0.

Couple thoughts:

- Will Manny get tired?

- Do they miss the offense of Perron in the press box?

- Do they have a letdown from Tuesday's big game?

- The Blues have a bad habit of playing down to their competition.
Regardless, they definitely need a spark and some goals now.

9:30 Awesome, Erik Johnson was holding his arm in pain. Or his johnson. Hard to tell.

9:05 O'Sullivan just made it 3-0. That's three goals in three minutes and 12 seconds.

Murray takes the timeout to make death threats to the team.

A goalie named Tseu

"Holy shit, it's 3-0. I might have to play."

(shits pants)

8:05 Boyes in the box for bumping Cloutier.

7:00 Kings power play looks disorganized, but they probably could score very easily.

Chris D. Says:

well now we can trade some players
They still have three games before Tuesday.

And I totally did not mean to jinx the Blues with that one.

And a goalie name Tseu just got the nod from Murray.


"And no chance for Manny Legace on that one," Federko says for the 1,834,453rd time in his life.

Four goals allowed in less than six minutes.

5:30 Too bad King isn't dressed. It'd be nice to see some fisticuffs to let the Kings now the Blues don't like this. Maybe they don't mind that much. It does kind of seem that in losses the wheels come off all at once and the Blues have a helluva time making a statement with either a goal, physical play or a fight.

4:19 The Blues need Geoff Courtnall to run the goalie behind the net and then turtle when the Kings try to fight him giving L.A. a five minute fighting major but not a major for Courtnall. That happened in L.A. in what, 1998?

Gift Says:

I’m glad the World Match Play is in Arizona. Tiger will be tired in the morning after playing 26 minutes in goal plus 18 holes today.
Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods?

Man, it takes forever to find and size photos and load and post. Not that we missed a whole lot.

It's 4-0 Kings. "There's still 20 minutes to go," Federko says. Really? In the THIRD period? Since when?

That was the end of the period in case you passed out and just woke up and looked at your laptop. It's fucking 11:06 in St. Louis right now. We might have to do something more fun to keep awake in the third period.

And I love the Pink Gallion "nice rack" commercial.

Photo of the nice rack girl in the Pink Gallion commercial.

See you in the third period thread. If you're still sober/awake/not too pissed off.