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Blues At Kings Third Period

It's more the Blues not scoring than Cloutier playing that well.

By Brad Lee

We'll find a photo shortly. I'm curious about this statement:

I wrote in the paper recently that Murray is now getting the Tony La Russa treatment.
"Why is he doing it that way? No one does it that way."

"He's too smart for his own good."

"The team is winning despite the guy in charge."
While he's a million times better than Kitchen, is he as good as you'd hoped?

Also, make sure you see the photo at the end of the second period thread.

Johnny Stats Says:

Hey…..I’m the leader in GAA in our intermural floor hockey league here at Brevard College!!! Any chance I could get a spot in the Blues organIzation this year????
If your name was Johnny Smith-Stats, absolutely. And that's dedication: he's in the Carolina's somewhere, it's after midnight and he can't see the game. Glutton for punishment might be more accurate.

19:18 Boyes is still trying to score. He better start hitting the net.

brian m Says:

whats the game plan now that its 4-0 bernie??
If they're down four goals with 10 minutes left, he'll say, "There's still 10 minutes left, this thing's not over." I guaranfuckingtee it.

"There's still 22 games left after tonight. Still plenty of time, still not time to panic," Federko said. Surprised he didn't pair that with a, "Still time to get your Blues playoff push pack."

16:29 And a goalie named Tseu has allowed his first NHL goal. His cherry has been popped.

It's under review. Sure looks like a kicking motion to me from the overhead.

"If this is considered a no goal, then I think it's a good break that it didn't end up where Frolov could knock it into the empty net," Federko said. NO, I think it would be a break if it's not a goal. Period.

Are they even awake in Toronto for a St. Louis/L.A. game?

Fuck. It's good. He kicked it.

Wait, they gave it to Frolov?????? That's a bailout call from Toronto. That was across the line.

Salvador and Scott Thornton. Sal kind of hanging on, took some shots, then gave a couple and the linesmen broke it up.

By the way, if you have a DVR, rewind to the side replay, not the overhead. Frolov's stick hits the post and not the puck. The puck doesn't change speed. Frolov did not score that goal.

15:41 Not that it really matters. Tseu made a big save on Kopitar. Whoopee!

Hey Marcus, if you're reading this at all anytime soon, we need another Cavemen meeting.

12:54 "It's a strange game," is Federko's best explanation for losing to the Kings.

12:18 The Boyes line now can't execute a 3-2 to get a good scoring chance much less a goal. That's uncharacteristic.

Kelly thinks there's a penalty.

11:20 Handzus in the box. He has sucked in L.A.

9:30 Blues didn't score on the power play.

If the Blues get shutout and lose by at least five, is this the worst loss in the season? Hard to top the Colorado debacle when they allowed nine (nine!), but this is at a more crucial time of the season, especially after a big win Tuesday. Thoughts?

One more. The Blues are still young. As some have said, Tuesday was the first "big" game the Blues have won since the Checketts era started. Every other game with some sort of importance (because of the standings or a jersey retirement or something) has been a loss, and most times a bad loss. That's youth, right? Right?

8:23 Jamal Mayers in the box.

On the Ryan Johnson experiment, that was one of the first comments I made in the first period. I've defended him re-signing when you put his role and salary in perspective. He's a fine penalty killer and energy line guy. But he's no second line center, for all the reasons Chris D mentioned in the comments. I will say this, if RJ makes $1 million or less and his role is the PK and playing on the fourth line, great. If the money is more or the role is different, no freaking way.

A young guy won't have the trust to play on the PK as much (Statsny has gotten some PK time which is a little surprising) and will make nearly that much money if they keep him close to $1 million or less.

4:20 Left to keep Cloutier from getting a motherfucking shutout.

4:02 RUCINKSY! Thank you thank you thank you!

Ok, that was fake enthusiasm. I hope they trade his ass.

gallagher Says:

By the way, just glimpsing the "Toughest Blue" bullshit, is that completely fucking wacked or what?

CuJo against Tony Twist or something and the DJ KIng against Barc Plager?

Fuck you, FSN.
That's just crying out for some treatment from us. Maybe I'll get to that tomorrow.

"What a save by Cloutier." Where the fuck are we, Bizarro World?

3:05 to score four goals. Doable. It is Cloutier afterall.

Jessica Says:

does this mean i have to take back my snarky comment about rucinsky from the second period?
Hell and no. Our unofficial motto is, "The Unofficial Home of Snarky Comments About Martin Rucinsky." So we'd be pissed if you took it back.

gallagher Says:

Nice that the announcers won’t concede the game until there’s only 1:12 left in this debacle.
Were you expecting different?

And that's the game, 5-1 Kings. Frolov and his fake-ass hat trick is the No. 1 star. I can't believe they gave him that goal.

Well that was fun.*

We'll be back tomorrow...I mean today since it is 12:03 on the clock. We'll be back later today with a post or two and then another thrilling/rolicking/frustrating live blog.

If they don't play better, I will guarantee I'm drunk by the third period. You CANNOT risk mssing that.

Later, figureskaters.