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Blues Knocked Out Of The Playoffs?

Down goes St. Louis! Down goes St. Louis!

By Brad Lee

So that's what the first night in prison probably feels like.

Thursday night, the Blues got humiliated in Los Angeles 5-1. It was terrible, pathetic, possibly the worst loss of the season. As we awoke this morning, here are how the standings looked:

With just 22 games left on the schedule, there are four teams between St. Louis and sitting above the dotted line. That's the hill the Blues must climb if they want to play past April 6. Is it possible? Hell yes. Is it probable? you tell us.

In the comments, make a prediction. Will the Blues make the playoffs?

NOTE: Don't forget that the Blues play tonight at 9 p.m. in Anaheim. We'll have a live blog up. Come back and drink heavily with us. This will be the only post before game at Game Time.