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Blues At Ducks Second Period

Do real men wear teal?

By Brad Lee

Hi. We're afraid what's going to happen in the second based on last night. Strap in and get a new beer.

18:45 Another penalty killed off. And our friend from Sweden checks in. No really, he lives in Sweden.

Marcus Pettersson Says:

Yes, I am up. The game’s on live over here, wouldn’t miss it for the world. It’s now 4.57 am.
Give a link to your blog that no one will be able to understand.

Johnny Stats, tell me if you think the ref looks like an emu at the end of the first period thread.

17:29 John Davidson in the booth talking about the trade deadline. He's talking with both Salvador and Jackman's agents. There is a chance neither could be traded OR signed by Tuesday's deadline.

Promotional plug: Game Time will be up and running live alllll day Tuesday filling people in on the deadline stuff. Can't wait. May fly the Canadian flag in my living room just on that day.

15:44 Quick poll: Dooks is the most superstitious guy around here. True?

13:03 Stempniak is skating hard, but it seems like he's playing with guys who have no offensive ability. Oh wait, he's on the fourth line tonight.

Also, I am officially on the record against Ryan Johnson playing on the second line and I want it to end now.

12:59 King Kong and Big George Parros go! Both end up bleeding. King went down early, got back up and hurt Parros. Love the super slomo replay on the fight. That's sweet. Linesman stepped in because Parros was stunned. That's their fifth career fight including the minors.

12:08 Legace was on his game stopping a glorious chance. And then a shot by Perry. Blues offensively challenged, NO shots on goal this period. Damn Federko just said it too.

10:42 Ducks take a penalty on the first really good rush by the BLues this period. The shitty Neidermayer.

9:53 EJ shooting a lot. I'd like to see him doing a play from his landlord doing the pass that looks like a shot near the net. That worked a lot for Chopper, but no one tries it. Probably because no one fears his shot.

And someone needs to taze the drunken monkeys banging on the glass next to the microphone.

8:35 Anybody want to check the Ducks/Blues game before the shootout to see how long these teams have gone without scoring a non-shootout goal against each other?

7:29 Assistan Coach Lex Luthor likes the last power play. That dude looks kind of sickly. He needs some sun.

6:48 "The Blues have played a good road game so far," Federko said. Eh, they've played ok.

And Backman got CRUSHED behind the net and Captain Roboto went after Moen. Kind of a sloppy fight, but the Blues bench really banged the sticks on the boards for Brewer.

Moen left his feet to hit Backman.

Chris D. Says:

hey brad how’s it going man?
I'm nervous. I need a beer.

Mayers and Pronger just got coincidentals for wacking at each other.

5:31 Jackman showing some spunk offensively skating the puck in deep on the 4-4. Maybe he's auditioning.

4:25 Tkachuk working hard down low late in the 4-4.

Apparently no takers trying to figure out how long the scoreless drought has been? I'll check during the intermission if it's still scoreless.

Dooks Says:

last game before last between these two teams was October 23 @ Scottrade. last goal was an empty netter at 19:27 of the 3rd. Blues won 4-2
So let's do some math...

33 seconds

plus 65 minutes

plus one period and 15:50 equals: just over 101 minutes. Wow.

2:55 I totally forgot about Kariya sitting out over his contract in the late 90s. No wonder they boo him.

And Legace just dove out of the crease to make the save and the puck came out. Crazy save. And tripping on Parros who has a cut on his nose.

By the way, anyone strolling through wanting to make a comment, we've accepted a fair number of new commenters earlier today. I'm still checking. You get in once, you're golden for unlimited. Join the fun and games.

1:38 Johnson is shooting almost every time he touches the puck on the power play. The jury is out whether or not this is a good strategy.

And that is the end of the second period, still no score. That's more than 105 consecutive minutes without a goal with these teams playing each other. Unbelievable.

Avalanche wrapping up overtime right now. Damn three-point games.

FUCK. And Calgary shutout Detroit already 1-0. Standings are going to look awful grim here pretty quickly.