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Blues At Ducks Third Period

David Backes not scoring in Anaheim.

By Brad Lee

Still scoreless after two full periods with the Duckies and Blues.

Coyotes and Avalanches are scoreless in the fifth round of shootouting in Phoenix.

Two straight posts for the Yotes. Going to the sixth shooter. Arnason scores. Phoenix has to answer. It's Joel Perrault. And he deked Theodore out of the net and scores. WOW.

Seventh round a no goal for Colorado. Defenseman Keith Ballard stoned. Going to the eighth round.

John Michael Liles hasn't scored a real goal since Nov. 9 but scored in the eighth round of shootouting. Mike York extends it. Hope he's related to Harry York. HATE THE COYOTE YELLING NOISE.

Lappy is getting a chance in the ninth round, probably first career attempt. And he hit the post. Mikko Kappenen misses. Going to the tenth. Wow. Gretzky may get a chance.

Brunette for goal. Have the Blues started playing yet? Ed Jovanovski is shooting. No goal. Eleventh round coming up.

Some guy I've never heard of with a killer Fu Manchu missed. Carcillo, the leading PIM guy gets his chance. He looks like he makes meth. And he's high on life, but missed. TWELFTH ROUND coming up.

Some guy named Kody McLeod just scored. Keith Gandle I think up for Phoenix. He missed. I'd hate to be a fan there for the losing team. That would suck. Avs win.

Back to the Blues.

18:44 Oops. I guess they didn't wait for me.

18:20 Federko just stuttered through a statement about Blues not getting a shot on goal even strength for more than 33 minutes. Damn.

And Legace tells Bertuzzi he is using the wrong cover sheet with his TPS reports. Nice save.

17:43 OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. Ryan Johnson scores. Johnson settled the puck after it was in his skates. He put it where momma hides the cookies, on the top shelf. Fuck, you just witnessed (or read about, Johnny Stats) the Best shot in Ryan Johnson's life.

16:37 I bet Johnson just said, "I hope those fuckers at Game Time start making jokes about how fast the Blues' Johnson is."

15:45 Teemu ties it up on a deflection. Stick was kind of high, but not high enough. Dammit. 1-1 game now.

15:06 Ducks are fucking flying right now. They smell blood in the water. Or on the ice. Whatever. They're skating really fast and the Blues look freaked out.

14:49 Tkachuk is writhing on the ice.e Doesn't look like the Blues will get a power play. He's back up skating on his own.

13:40 Blues need to make sure they get it in deep every trip down the ice. McClement tried being cute with the puck and turned it over.

Rucinsky seeems afraid of Bertuzzi.

12:48 Legace is in a shooting gallery. Blues need to do a better job clearing the puck. Still playing a little scared.

gallagher Says:

Yo, Anaheim, wanna know how fast my Johnson is?

My Johnson is so fast that he’d be bragging if he called himself a "two pump chump".
I pretty much asked for that one.

How about, my Johnson is so fast, he wears a restrictor plate instead of a condom. That's for all the NASCAR fans in the house.

11:30 Ryan Johnson thinks he's a sniper. He's mistaken.

11:17 Corey Perry tried to decapitate Legace by knocking the net on him. Fucker.

10:57 Hey FSN, fuck you for putting graphics for other shows over the action, even if it's for the Hooters swimsuit contest.

Why is Brad May playing in a tie game halfway through the third period?

Emu ref is talkign about the Ducks maybe getting a delay of game for hitting the puck over the glass. But he's still on the blue line, Bernie.

9:16 Bernie just realized the lines are alllll screwed up with McDonald, Rucinsky and Stempniak out there. Is this training camp or something?

8:56 Breakaway for the bad Neidermayer. Legace makes the save and no penalty called.

8:15 It must be getting late because I didn't realize the Blues are on the power play until I checked the comments. It's already half over. Doees that mean the breakaway was a shorty chance? Fuck.

7:36 The other Neidermayer gets a 2-1 the other way and hits the side of the net.

6:52 Getting the feeling the Blues are going to need a big break to win this. Doesn't feel right. No confidence for the Blues. They're not making any play look easy.

Chris D. Says:

rich are you on hockey buzz?
The official term for that site around here is, "The Rumor Monger's Web Site." Just sayin.

And I'm buzzing on hockey everyday.

5:22 Does the season hang in the balance right here? You lose this, you're pretty far back, the deadline is Tuesday. Do Jackman and Salvador pack their bags Monday night? Do they become "sellers?"

4:41 Does Moen raise his elbow on every single hit? It appears that way.

"And it's a new era of Cardinals baseball," Kelly said. Yeah, a shitty era.

Rich Horton Says:

Soccer is a game played with a ball, where you are not allowed to use your hands…which a buddy of mine swears makes it a communist plot.
You forgot a caveat. Not allowed to use your hands, unless you're a big fat guy named Diego.

2:40 Blues moving the puck better, but not getting great chances. A lot of stickhandling in the corners but nothing in front.

1:37 Hey soccer mafia, there's kind of an important hockey game going on.

The Management

:56 Goal scorer Ryan Johnson out there late. Can't believe he is.

Backes and Tkachuk thwarted on a 2-1 by a sliding defender and some guy who resembles the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.


Quick question while we got a second.

Do you like how the blog is set up where the newest stuff goes at the bottom? Some live blogs are set up with newest on top. Thoughts?

4:28 SONOFABITCH. Pahlsson wins in OT. I think he's Swedish. Marcus, go teepee his house. If you don't know what that means, google it.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

We'll have a breakdown or trade talk tomorrow at some point. Continue bitching about the outcome of this one in the comments. Thanks for hanging out tonight.


gallagher Says:

Brad, I like the kind of blogs that end with a win. That’s just me. values your suggestions. It will be passed along to the management and given it's due attention. Thanks for reading.


Kelly just mentioned that the Blues played last night. But it was one county away, man. They took a bus ride less than an hour to get there.

Dan McLaughlin is a brave man to interview D.J. King after an OT loss. King may eat him if he's hungry enough.

"I just got hit by a couple punches, which is going to happen in a fight," King said, obviously a graduate of the Bernie Federko School of Broadcasting.

Later skaters.