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Blues At Desert Dogs First Period

Gretzky and his wife betting on having a good time on the red carpet.

By Brad Lee

We're here getting things set up. David Perron is back in the lineup. The Coyotes have beaten the Blues pretty well so far this season.

If you can drag yourself from the Oscar red carpet, join us for some Blues hockey. It's the last game before trade deadline! We'll be up and running shortly.

Andy Murray is going back to the well reuniting the BTK line.

I love how they Yotes play at Arena. The Job. Hopefully the Coyotes will blow it.

19:05 Poor Stempniak playing on the fourth line with the white Jamal Mayers and Hinote.

Bernie's keys to the game: Compete, Keep It Simple Stupid, and the BTK line which he called the Red Line. They're not Russian.

18:38 It pisses me off that the Job has a dasherboard ad for the Foo Fighters next month. They don't have a St. Louis show scheduled yet. Dammit.

Dooks Says:

it goes without saying, this is a must-win game
You could say that every night, but yes, a game against a team they're competing with for the final spot does have a little added importance. Looks like it's just you and me so far Dooks.

15:56 BTK with the best chance of the game so far. They're killers, I tell you. Jackman also had a chance on the rebound. Bet he'd like a goal in possibly his last game wearing the Blue Note.

14:46 McDonald missed an open net on a wraparound. A defenseman kept him from coming all the way around. Shoulda been a goal. Yotes took a penalty, but in a scrum afterward, Perron went flying at a Coyote after Boynton just started whaling on Backes laying in the crease.

Blues ended up with a power play because Boynton is a moron.

14:01 Boyes off the goalpost. This is starting to line up as one of those, "Man, the Blues had a ton of chances and couldn't just convert" type game.

11:57 The Blues just had about 107 scoring chances and couldn't get it past Bryzgalov. Good sign that they're really swarming around the net, bad sign they can't put the biscuit in the basket.

10:46 Another wide open shot for the Blues, this time Rucinsky and he screams, "I'll meet you at the top of the Empire State Building Tuesday night, Jaromir!" Alas he doesn't score. Another scrum after the whistle. Bad blood. If I was Janet Gretzky, I'd call my bookie about a fight happening by the second intermission.

We have three people in the commenters so far. Who knew so many Blues fans dig the Oscars so much. I have reliable information that Gallagher is at an Oscar's It's at his in-laws, but it still counts.

Hey, cloning works!

That's Seth Rogan on the left. He's at least Canadian.

8:56 Once again the announcers are confused about the penalty situation. It looks like Tjarnvqist or however you spell his name just took four minutes in the box for high sticking. Good job bleeding, Tkachuk! Hockey should really recruit more hemopheliacs. That or put razor blades in their gloves like in pro wrestling.

7:00 First two minutes are going to expire without a Blues goal. Some good chances. Still no goal. Dooks, you're superstitious. Do something different. Tell us in the comments.

5:12 Under 30 seconds left in the second two minutes. Great chances, still no goal. The Coyotes haven't had a chance in several minutes now.

4:12 "Wayne Gretzky's Coyotes are back on their heals but still scoreless," Kelly said. Thanks for paying attention.

Dooks Says:

I’m not superstitious. you’re superstitious about me.

do something different…. okay, how ’bout I sit upside down for the rest of the period?
Whatever it takes.

3:24 Shots are 18-4 Blues. But the score is still 0-0. This scares me.

2:38 Rucinsky takes another penalty to possibly celebrate his last game as a Blue. It's holding and not hooking, but it's the same result. First power play for Phoenix tonight. And they just played that damn coyote howl. That thing drives me nuts. If I ever lived in Phoenix I couldn't go to games because that sound would drive me insane.

1:21 Shot right at the note on Emmanuel's chest. Nice aim.

:10 Coyotes buzzing now...but time just expired. Blues looked really good all over the ice, but not as good on the scoreboard. Shots are 18-5. That's not good. And Carcillo, the league leader in PIM, just took one with 0.00 on the clock. Genius. That'll be fun.

Pizza got here. We'll be back in a new thread shortly.