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Salvador Traded To Devils UPDATED!

Bye bye Bryce

By Brad Lee

TSN is reporting that Salvador is going to New Jersey for St. Louis native Cam Janssen.

Cam Janssen

He has NOT played in the NHL this season after suffering a shoulder injury in the preseason. He has 205 PIM in 95 career NHL games. He has one goal and no assists (Matt Walker thinks that's pathetic).

He is a St. Louis area native growing up in Eureka. He was called up from the AHL Lowell Devils after a brief conditioning assignment on Jan. 28 and has been in the press box since.

UPDATE: Janssen was live on the phone with TSN (NHL Network here in the states). Here's what happened.

TSN Guy: Cam you have the privilege of being the first player interviewed on Trade Centre today. How do you feel about going back to your hometown?

Cam Janssen: I feel great. I feel great. According to my mom and dad, this was a blockbuster trade. I'm pumped. I've been out all year and I've worked my tail off all year and I'm ready to rock and roll. I love my hometown, so I'm pumped.

TSN: I always like to hear how you heard, where you were and your initial reaction, which was obviously excitement.

CJ: Well I was actually skating this morning. I knew something was up because Lou (Lamoriello, aka: Satan himself) came down and say, "Hey, I need to talk to you afterwards." And I knew something was up. Either I'm in the lineup tonight or I've been traded. The first thing I thought of was St. Louis. I walked upstairs and from thee staff, they were all pouting. And then I talked to Lou. I give Lou great respect. He developed me and he had to do what he had to do and it will work out one way or another.

TSN: Most guys like going to a contender and not a team rebuilding. But since it's your hometown team, are you disappointed at all to leave New Jersey, a team every night that looks like they could win the cup.

CJ: I want to play hockey and I want a team that wants me to be in the lineup. I feel good going to St. Louis. I skated with the boys (Boyes?) all summer. I know the boys (Boyes?), I know the organization, the staff. We have a good team in St. Louis and like you said, we are rebuilding and we'll see what happens the next couple years. The Stanley Cup is on everybody's minds, but I want to be where I'm wanted and somewhere I can play.

TSN: You've said it three times, you want to play. Have you got any indication from St. Louis that you are going to play? What sort of role besides the obvious Cam Janssen role of causing trouble and being a tough guy?

CJ: I think they want me to score 20 goals a year.

TSN: (laughter)

CJ: I have been working hard, boys, I have been. They're trying to get me on a 12:45 out of Laguardia. Good luck with that. Traffic in Jersey is crazy. I'm going to go in, work hard, be a hard worker (honestly, he said that), stick up for my teammates. They have a tough team as it is. They have D.J. King and a couple other players who are tough and gritty. I'll add onto that and maybe chip in a couple goals here and there. You never know.

TSN: They're not thinking about playing you tonight, are they? They're hosting Dallas.

CJ: I hope so, I hope so. That's what they said they would try to do. I have to pass a physical and a few other things. I'm rushing home to get my bag pack and I have a car waiting. It's going to be a busy afternoon.

TSN: For the sake of the Janssen family, I want to clarify. This was not a minor deal. This was a blockbuster trade involving a player who will score at least 20 goals for the St. Louis Blues. How's that.

CJ: Oh, no pressure there! Thanks boys.

UPDATE II: Here's the quote from J.D. in the new release (tip of the cap to the Game Time Prospect Department for putting the link in the comments):

"We feel that Cam’s style of play will bring energy and grit to our lineup and being from St. Louis, feel that he will be an instant fan favorite here," said Davidson. "Our depth at defense enabled us to make this move. We admire and respect Bryce as a player for what he did on and off the ice in St. Louis and thank Bryce and his wife April for their contributions as members of our family."

Chew on that.