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Look Who’s Getting Around On The Internets

I'm wearing this right now. And nothing else.

By Brad Lee

We're not really sure how this happened, but St. Louis Game Time has crashed the party at the online hockey home of the New York Times. We're part of a blogger project with their Slap Shot hockey blog. And we've already gotten "fan mail" in another post! In case you still haven't clicked the link, we made a comment about how we want Detroit to fail in the playoffs and that Hockeytown is more like Hockeyslum to us. And here's what we got in return:

Redwings Fan Says:

I read your comment about Hockeytown being Hockeyslum…

You’re pathetic. Why don’t you come up with a decent argument rather than making fun of a city that is still trying to recover. People actually live in Detroit, if you didn’t know. And even though it isn’t the most attractive city, I would rather live there than live in St. Louis - our sports teams actually win.

Write with some common sense from now on.
Wow. A few responses.

  • I think it's hilarious you mentioned "our sports teams actually win." You forgot the caveat, "except in the 2006 World Series."

  • They don't call Detroit "Murder City" for nothing.

  • A part of us really would like to see Detroit win so the fans would burn the motherfucker to the ground.

We appreciate your comments. Please keep them coming.

And our own Answer Man has a gig at the National Lampoon's sports blog. Still no pictures of him or his real name, but you can read his comedy stylings at the Splog.

No wonder the mainstream media says bloggers have no credibility and live in the Mom's basment. Obviously they've been reading St. Louis Game Time.