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Game Time Trivia

We don't actually recommend anything in Game Time for kids.

By Brad Lee

Lean in a little closer to your computer monitor and I'll tell you a secret about the paper edition of St. Louis Game Time.

For most games it gets put together very late at night (or very early in the morning depending upon how you look at things) and sometimes not everything actually makes it in/gets sent to Gallagher in time -- even at 2 a.m./gets delivered by the little digital postal worker who delivers the e-mail. So we make do with what we have. Fortunately we haven't had an all-cartoon edition of Game Time. Yet. And because of technical difficulties (maybe even sunspots), the trivia for tonight's edition did not make it into the paper. No you can't ask for a refund.

We now present to you Childhood Trauma's Trivial Trivia Spectacular Bonanza! (patent pending)

Feel free to print and insert inside your Game Time so you have an accurate copy.

(We totally expect someone to do this; we get requests for back issues from some regular readers who miss a game all the time.)

First Period (true or false):

1. The Phoenix Coyotes have never had a team captain that didn't also play for the Winnipeg Jets.

2. During his hockey "time off" for gambling issues, recently reinstated associate coach Rick Tocchet played in the World Series of Poker.

First Intermission (T/F):

3. Since the switchover to the Gregorian calendar, all years divisible by 100, such as 1900 and 2000, are leap years.

Second Period (multiple choice):

4. Which of the following Coyotes employees actually played for the Coyotes: head coach Wayne Gretzky, associate coach Rick Tocchet, goatending coach Grant Fuhr or pro scout Rich Sutter?

5. Which curretn Coyote was a Blues draft pick: Mike Zigomanis, Craig Weller, Mike Jones or Mike York?

Second Intermission:

6. Which of the following movies did Wayne Gretzky's wife NOT appear in: Police Academy 5, Big Trouble in Little China, A Chorus Line or The Flamingo Kid?

Third Period:

7. Keith Tkachuk is third on the Winnipeg/Phoenix franchise's scoring list. What ex-Blue is No. 1 on that list?

8. The No. 2 player on that list is the only Swedish player to have had his number retired by an NHL team. Name him.

9. Which Coyote has an older brother that was a first round pick and is on pace for his second consecutive 20-goal NHL season?


10. Which of Winnipeg's top 10 all-time scorers played his first and last game in the Blue Note?


turning your monitor upside down should be fun