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The Great Perron Debate

David Perron may in fact be a rag doll. Allegedly

By Brad Lee

Jeremy Rutherford (who gets mentioned on this fine blog as much or more than our own Answer Man) stirred the pot today with rookie David Perron's situation with the Blues.

In case you've been living under a rock, the organization hemmed and hawed at the beginning of the season on whether or not to keep the 19-year-old or send him back to Juniors (he's not old enough to play in Peoria in the AHL). He had a 10-game window in which to prove he belonged with the NHL team. And at the end of his tryout he scored two goals in a rousing Nov. 13 win over Detroit sealing the deal for him staying all season in St. Louis.

But as the year has worn on, Perron has spent almost as much time in the press box as Matt Walker. He's sat four of the last five games and it seems like he's competing with of all people D.J. King for playing time. Now Cam Janssen is in the picture. And of course when Perron plays, he sometimes is on a line with guys like Jamal Mayers, Ryan Johnson and King if they both happen to dress the same night.

Let's let the Blues defend themselves in Rutherford's story and Morning Skate blog which both came out today.

John Davidson said:

"But I know it's a process with this kid. We're trying as an organization to make our team a great team long term. That includes working with young players to make them fit that mold. In my opinion, David's like a young colt that's frisky, running around. But he's got to learn some structure.

"We could bow to public pressure and put him in for every game. But I don't know if that's the right thing right now. You don't just learn by playing games."
And Andy Murray had this to say:

"If we think he's going to help us win, he'll be in the lineup. But everything has to be earned."

Perron had this to say in his defense:
"I've got confidence in Andy. I don't think he wants me to be a bad player in five years. I think he's doing this for my best, in his eyes. We'll see later if it was the best."

Through those quotes, we learn that Perron hasn't adapted to the system yet, the team is aware of the fan angst surrounding young No. 57 and Murray thinks he hasn't earned his playing time.

If we could pull young David aside, we'd have this to say to him:

What the hell are you thinking? When you say, "We'll see later if it was the best," that translates to, "my coach is a moron and he doesn't know what he's doing." You're 19. Shut the fuck up. Keep your head down. Show up on time. Play by the rules. These guys drafted you in the first round, gave you a nice contract and kept you from going back to Lewiston, Maine. MAINE! You should be thanking them, nodding your head a lot and saying, "Yessir" about 20 dozen times a day. Guys can earn a bad reputation at a young age in this league. Rember that. Now go home to your French-speaking girlfriend Chris Gift saw you with at a game recently and stop being a dumb teenager.

What's your take on the David Perron debate?

UPDATE: Taken from the comments, our friend LeNoceur wrote about this over at MYFO.