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Rangers Fans LOVE Sister Christian

No. 55 in your program, No. 1 in PIM last night

By Brad Lee

If you go back and read every single comment on the blog like I do (who doesn't?), you probably saw this one at the bottom of the post concerning the trade of Sister Christian Backman to the New York Rangers. He happened to make his debut with the Blue Shirts and here's what Mike B at said:

Mike B. Says:

Hi guys -

Just wanted to say thanks for Backman and his 10 minutes of penalties tonight (the refs erroneously called a double high-sticking minor on Marc Staal that was really on Backman). At least one of them was a boarding call.

Also, we’re totally stealing "Sister Christian," and we’re not giving you any credit for coming up with it.
First of all, isn't it fitting that a guy with that nickname about a song by Night Ranger play for that team? It's karma. Second of all, I hate to say I told you so....but I told you so.

Here's a couple more details/reviews of Backman's debut:

From the New York Daily News:

...the Rangers were coming unglued in the third. And newcomer Christian Backman was making matters worse by committing penalties on just about every shift.

Carolina cashed in on the first one - a double-minor for high-sticking that the confused refereeing tandem of Bill McCreary and Gord Dwyer mistakenly assessed to Marc Staal. Cole scored his second goal of the game 4:54 into the period to cut what once was a 3-0 Rangers lead to 3-2.

But the Rangers killed off Backman's holding and boarding penalties on his next two shifts. And in between, Shanahan completed a pretty passing play with linemates Dawes and Scott Gomez - begun by a Michal Rozsival headman pass - by potting his team lead-tying 21st goal of the season.
And from the New York Post's the Blue Seats blog:

Backman picked up 8 minutes in penalties, though he only served four. His defense overall was shoddy; he couldn't clear the crease and when he opted to play the man, his reaction was either too slow or too misplaced to thwart any offense. Eric Staal had a few glorious opportunities in front, despite Backman's presence, and the Rangers have more to thank from Staal misfiring than anything else.

Wow. And things looked to be going so swimmingly for Backman who was reunited with some of his Fruit Euro friends:

Three Swedish guys laughing (Backman on right)

From Newsday:

Backman, 27, also has ties to the Rangers' goaltender, with whom he played in juniors and on a pro team in Sweden, and he believes that will ease the transition.

"Having him already here, it helps a lot," said Backman, who likely will be paired with Marc Staal. "I think in all my years I've been the only Swede in St. Louis."

A former first-round draft pick of the Blues, Backman said he had "had a couple good years in St. Louis, but I think they felt like maybe they wanted to go in another direction. The rumor was that they were going to move at least one defenseman, but I was a little surprised, especially when they traded [Bryce] Salvador [to the Devils]. For me personally, I get the chance to start over a little bit. I feel I can play better than what I did this year there."
Awwww. He was lonely. He had nobody to talk about the Easter Witch or fermented herring or Lucia at Christmas. Hopefully he got a long hug from one of his Swedish teammates to make him feel better after such a shitty Rangers debut.