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FSN Broadcasts Janssenpalooza ‘08

The Pride of Eureka

By Brad Lee

If you watched the Blues vs. Phoenix game last night on the FSN, did you get a little Cam Janssened out? In case you were at the game (our apologies), here's what you missed:

- Mrs. Janssen, his mother, doing an interview at the zamboni doors with Dan McLaughlin before the drop of the puck. Andy Murray was a big fan, according to the Belleville News Democrat:

"He's a fun guy," Blues coach Andy Murray said. "I had an opportunity to see the interview with his mother before the game in my office.

"Just seeing the smile on her face and her pride in her son being able to put on a Blues jersey chokes you up a little bit."
- John Kelly saying several times that Janssen will soon be a fan favorite.

- A quick interview with Kelly Chase, one of little Cammy's idols growing up according to his mother.

- An interview with No. 55 during the first intermission.

- A pre-game taped interview with Janssen as the first segment on the postgame show.

- They had one camera focused on him everytime he stepped on the ice, all 7 minutes and 21 seconds of it. During replays, it had a logo calling it the "Cam Cam."

Look, we get it. He's the first St. Louis born and bred player to make the NHL much less play for the Blues. It's kind of a big deal. But let's be realistic here. In 96 career NHL games, he has one stinking goal. He didn't see the ice much late in the game if at all. He's not a difference maker.

But we also get that the season is over. The Playoff Push Packs just aren't selling but the broadcast needs something to talk about and the team needs a way to sell tickets to six more home games. And pimping the hometown kid is as good as anything.

We have some suggestions for helping the team remain relevant and sell a few tickets the rest of the season:

  • Rename the team the St. Louis Janssens.

  • Move the rink to Eureka.

  • Every game David Perron plays, beer is 57 cents cheeper (may only happen once or twice).

  • Eric Brewer in a dunk tank at center ice after the game.

How do you feel about the Blues being Camified last night and what are some of your suggestions to sell tickets? Tell us in the comments.